Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Emergency broadcaster ABC is leading the cry wolf brigade

ABC breakfast presenters this morning, after announcing the longest hottest period for Adelaide in recorded history, proceed to take us on tour back to Japan, Paris and the  big worries about asbestos in Sydney . This extra stuff afters is clearly not news, but they ae making it so  -- and clearly designed to reinforce the panic in the ABC about the warmth outside the cloisters.... and the coolness of the breeze in their panic station direction.
.This extra hype is not news .They know that the public are a bit manipulatable which is not wrong until you practice it in your profession  Does the cap fit anyone you know/?  Mark Scott?  .  The  risks in Fukushima  and roofs in Sydney can be well managed  in the proper context of risk but the whole focus of the news is again around worry.  Listeners to ABC news 24 are switching off and feeling tired and depressed .

The well powered pilots of panic  continue to grow in numbers  because  the government still funds them to go find the facts ( they want) So important is this long and bigwinded thing that they get to do Bronwyn Bishop things and play helicopter parent all over the world .And the business of drip feed emergency services loves it too; Codependancy its called .
The ABC in their absolute ignorance of environmental risk management have appointed their very own worry warriors.Not scientists but pedants who know their exalted place.  WHY in the world don't they appoint more real world scientists as reporters?? --- if they love science so much ??maybe they just say that ?
, Even though the emergency agencies play up to this dramatization of risk , this sort of news and commentary will not work  because it shows no distinction between known and unknown People  die . .Like the  artist allowed still to paint freely at the ABC  the art exaggerates . Infact it seems , as you would expect of a new loose cannon in the building, it encourages the reporters to play along in a manner which clearly threatens the ABC's reputation as reporters not political activists .They go and find no wolf  , despite all the huge monitoring .  Short term gain long term pain for our once highly regarded ABC . ABC top management  clearly do not get it --unless they are just puppets - In Utopia these little risk management hitlers and worry warriors regularly make the CEO's job impossible . The ABC's  very own fact checking  too ignores the fact that even experts disagree about the implications of mere facts when risk is involved -- that's exactly what the small staff waste their time on in Utopia .
Who does the ABC think they are - immune from whats stuffing things up in the real world.  artists NOT scientists . Is that why Karl wears bright shirts? He knows something we don't ??
Victoria in the 1990's realised that creating emergency focus was not a good idea as prevention and site focus should always be the prime preoccupation of government .We can't afford the other even if business would love us to adopt it .Kennett may have been a pushover , but look at all the lame ducks who followed .
Modern libs get lost in anything beyond a push pull formulae for fixing problems ; and their mates make it even easier -" just open the tap and let US fix it ". they say  Its popular because its avoidance therapy and  a way to grow jobs - jobs on the public pay packet ; jobs not in prevention , but picking up the pieces. too easy although writing the specs for a job can take forever - the risk is usually long gone .
Suits the provider culture too who desperately need to see growth in problems - makes you wonder whether the conspiracy and cockup includes the need to create dependency; anything but that poorly fact checked substance called resilience.

From a resilience paper I wrote in 2010

The city worries about sustainability because, within the confines of its two column ledger world, it would have nothing within a few days of supply failure.
The educational paradigm restrictions of the city makes the majority of modern urban cultures very vulnerable to fear and fanaticism on environmental issues. Parties exploit or play victim to this ignorance .
 The country, on the other hand, is not in such a panic  for it has something the city never has-- experience with how to fit the pieces of the real risk and resilience jigsaw together and not worry nearly so much and only where it really matters . .

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Young people's vulnerability to radicalization in the West

Comes from the Wests own deep weakness and confusion in moral teaching .
Its not going to work to just "blame those who havva religion " Jung et al said we all have one so whose in denial? Kids want something more than whats being offered by the empty religion of "everything will work out if you do your own thing philosophy";  that is unaccountable godless selfcentredness".unsustainable eating theory.  Material world - where you can have everything, but eventually you us others  will find a huge hole in the centre.
Instead of taking our historical lead from Yahweh  that its OK to be angry,  we are in denial of it . Ideas have consequences and we are getting the consequences of crap ideas of convenience .Not dealing heathily with anger and frustration ( empty donuts) can lead to depression
Instead of potent Christianity we have turned its punchy practicality into woosy wobbling on moral matters.Its only taken a few short years for our kids to be not educated and innoculated ( how to think) in the great medicine of health and freedom that was the Wests for thousands of years before .

Anger cannot be a sin by definition because it comes forward as a natural response from being threatened . Adrenalin and all that . Social Darwinist s, morass relativists and sentimental post moderns  ( who only  think they are progessive Christians?)  are living in denial - both scientific and scriptural .
How can this be ? --we re all so rational here . Sorry but we are not as progressive as we like to think We like to think we use rationality here like it was bread  ( as we do with science)  .-- No that's fiction  when it comes to us / we/ them . We are really like Eve and Adam and are into naming causes other than ourselves ( Jung)
 We are blind to what we don't wanna see . Our houses of cards are full of strong single focused persons who we give permission to eat up us with our own pure and simple logic about sel and self interest . We become men weakened by their own pedantry and self willed compromises and confusion over what is really true . The truth can still set us free,  but only if we face it. .There is no ultimate power but the power we create -----or is there ?.We will find out one day .

There should not be any doubt about this new heretical teaching as Yahweh tries to talk to Cain about his anger lest he sin and kill somebody .

The God of the Bible is not on the sidelines,  he's just not being heard . People see but do not see,  hear but do not hear . Tell that in confession to your mother, or your partner sometime . Its the sort of metanoia, catharsis and tipping point  that might just prevent us going back to prison instead of the greater freedom we have had in kingdom theory for the last few thousand years . Luke 13 Be happy -think clearly and act succintly before the sun goes down . PM Turnbull is wrong to offer more endless experimentation --not a mugs game but its wasteful toy in the arcade where dumb wannabes wanna play.

Prison you say ? Well the daughters of Eve and Adam are telling us -- you don't protect us anymore . You allow us to roam the streets and commit active rebellion as if it were our God given right -- good for us like never growing up has been good for you? >You are the stupid ones ,,not us . You are the softies,  not us . We want what you had -families  fidelity and honor .   You never taught us any of that really . We would be happy just to have a better framework for marriage and the other than you offer . Islam does that .

Don't focus on the guns.  That would be to remind us how superficial unsubstantial and reactionary you are . Go listen to our hearts - they are yearning burning not to be grown up babies  like you are with your wars on everything 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Violence - who started it or who or what is going to stop it ?

People are angry and risk irrationality and the irrational and terrible acts that can follow  . What if all this careless targeting/badging of radicalization should really focus on anger and why its generated in the context. we don't have to know all the words and all the connections.
We need to know though basically why others are angry, otherwise their anger will only make us more angry and irrational too .  In my experience with youth prone to violence ( lot of us) it only takes one careless word from an adult like their parents about a group in our society ( be they teachers, preachers or media personalities) and some kid 's attitude to others can be completely ruined .
Violent words are rightly prosecuted in our legal system the same as violent acts. “ who started it?”
Who amongst us is free from guilt in this respect?   we all disobey the 8th Commandment even if we do it oh so subtly.
 All we can do is talk to the tongue as a fire and ask for forgiveness.  The fire will burn but God comes with forgiveness and the way forward.  The family whose child went wild this week may need such help.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

gods in their own right

Bill Shorten and his crew have got more than a  touch of meglomania . They are desperate . NEXT week  they want us to change marriage .  That place where 2 components make three components; and more; all competing and yet somehow called to work together . Chances are these myopic students will forget to mention children as Bill Shorten did this morning as he spoke of how HE thought something should happen . Maybe he thinks He's in the Senate where they expect to get their own way,,,, or else .
Religion can be ignored in favor of progressive thinking -SO  he seems to think , meaning we have to presume  that sentiment ( dissolving distinctions and definitions so that gays and aborigines feel better about themselves--- historic change in language just for them is truly " generous"  ) is the stuff of greatness in moral progress.( well if it works it might even be worth thinking about - we mostly know name changing WILL not work .  Most blokes from the bar up know these woosy sorts  need to grow up cause giving in to hard done by complaints is the road to softness of the brain .
Susan Neiman in her excellent book on Evil in modern Thought reminds us that religion AND political activity BEGIN where reason is missing .So whatever reasons CLINCH the deal for Labor they will NOT be enough .

Find all the reason ss you like in the 5 minutes Bill shorten  will insist to run his debate - none of them will justify HIM and Tanya for forgetting to mention the children . Unintended consequences . 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Moral Compass or Moral Confusion

We all like to present solutions to others problems . Noone takes that more seriously now than- the reactionaries in government and the ABC. All  thanks to the inevitable failure of reactionary politics over the last 100 years,  
The Fabians have only the government to back their ideas .Noone else wants to put their money forward. Their tired old doctrines of "freedom for all"," pull it down" "it will all adapt and survive" : have no life of their own outside  biology ( unless you the reader want us to be limited to the animal in us ?)
Infact the downright condemnation of man ( He s not only an animal , he's determined by his genes and behaviur =subject to condemnation ) which they imply,  leaves only one alternative - governments must be good --( get a job with them and they will convert you/bless you? ?)Congratulations authors of "Utopia"!
If they aren't able to provide redemption all our hopes for the future are dashed and we would have to admit depression and defeat - the failure of the God of wise Progress.
No where is this symbolized better than  in the name changing , the name calling and the judging 
So deep is the confusion about what sin is and what intent means that even Luke Hodge is confused about what he is guilty of TODAY . he hurt somebody - doesn't seem to matter that he didn't mean to. He apologized , but we or he don't seem to know what for . If we can't play a game of football and judge it fairly,  what hope  have we in real life ?
Yes he hit someone,  but some other bloke who got $50 million to do the same in a ring - judging motivation is for you and God or it used to be .Some people even look good when they mean evil . Thats of course too deep for those linked into evidence based drips .  Progress (WGP ) may now mean It is NOW possible for man - gospel of progress has a way of legitimizing TODAY - if nothing else
This confusion  ( to judge others minds and bodies)-can't last without putting us all in jail -No new redemption now works in the West anymore .

Penecost thankfully is coming.   

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jumping at shadows

When the Wolf wins

We have either lost sight of what makes a wolf tick,  or we lack the ticker to fight him .
The latter is the real issue of our day . 
We have teeth,  but it seems to me , we are now as post moderns afraid to use them .
No I'm not saying we are predators par excellence . No we have something better - we have a brain to overide our impulses ."But the right to use our brain has been taken away - we must think naturally like our genes do .
We used to use our brains . We would say to ourselves " lead us out of temptation " That was written before we knew we started feeling that were controlled by genes and drugs. Thanks media

That was until some smart group of simpletons  said we are controlled by our genes .
Men are the worst --each 15  minutes they are brutally struck down with testosterone - something they are no longer encouraged to show self control over ..   the god within
This , if you believe it as so many half do , effectively means we are stuck . Look at us --stunned mullets in face of 21 Cops being beheaded.

Adrenalin can flow day after day and we do nothing but not sleep  .Our brains are overloaded with confusing messages from hypothalamus the TV and our aching knees .
We can inject serotonin but when why and to what effect/ .Its not natural so why try ?
With drip feeding from the determinists we end up thinking desperately on our feet and out in the street ( what ever happened to the brain and the talk of the insane of evil within ?) -
Like some lost souls we are left in the street asking the question we never asked in our heads  --how do we  control behavior ; or should I say others behavior . We're either on Valium shaking in the locked house or out there trying to kiss wolves.

This week our Parliament is being encouraged to lock up the wolves - anyone who says something nice about ISIS. and we call them fanatics when our moves are just as fanatical ( Santayana) . The problem maybe just as much ours and our medias as it is theirs . ( we refuse to admit what our psychologists know)

The author of the above said even if you oust one demon , nine will come into replace it . The Islamists are right . the only way to win this war is with the words first . A fair fight with words would at least show them we are not the wooses they see us as  . The wind has been carrying the words of war for centuries;  The extremists are no stronger than they were ten years ago - they can just see our unplugged woosy weaknesses so much better . A tough country has a tough mindset and we are running on a weak set that sees only barriers as safety .

Target the problem and you have some chance of solving the problem .Remove the status of the texts and you remove the impetus .

 In our law ,verbal assault is similiar to physical assault because one is often a precursor to the other . Woosy leaders everywhere who do not understand or operate in a proactive manner.