Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our leaders desperate to use the word catastrophe

Recent floods in NSW reveal a deep disease amongst the powerful. " it might rise as high as ....." The tendency to panic affects the hoards of imported reporters, who will,  whether they respect the process or not,  air some "half baked propped up panic talker" --seldom some expert .
Just focusing as the ABC did on Ryan's error symbolizes the projection and panic that infects the media on such occasions.
Few leaders have the back bone to call the situation as the locals see it ; Most wannabes  play the game and refuse to name the game as exaggeration.Maybe the worst local managers will get the most money ?
Our PM appears infront of fast flowing water offering to pay up to all as if the problem is God's and God alone.
Fast flowing water is rare anywhere down there so its probably near some broken levee; levees created by man and levees increasing, like the houses located without the planning,  that would look like peanut payments  next to the payments we NOW make to disaster levies and the insurance industry.

In a move destined to go into history the insurance council , who are paying less and less because the govt are paying more and more ( should be suing agencies and individuals as well ) are happy to call more events "catastrophic "
The emperors lead means she wins and they can hide under the skirts of "not our problem mate " The insurance industry have never had its so good with government so serious about solving all these big problems; problems  that "you me them?" were created to deal with . In2012 , if the government are responsible they are not being responsible, because noone else is responsible
Meanwhile many in the audience are saying "they might be wearing gumboots  but they look like they are wearing no clothes" We don't watch the ABC - we read Orwell