Thursday, December 29, 2011

Permanent Incident Controllers -a mistake

As stated many years ago on blogs like this, the ham fisted reactionary establishment of Departments to deal with emergencies can be a mistake; an expensive diversion from the much lower cost options of Departments of prevention and sound practice; groups who know the stresses BEFORE they kill,  so those people can better manage them when they arrive . IC should be drawn from the ranks of planners and practitioners as required  - not creating their own empires .
 Relatively rare and dispersed risk like bush fire and flood and environmental " hazard" mean the big noise these bashers make (before the moment and place  that something needs dealing with)  is counterproductive .
Unfortunately for Victorians the rightful high place for planning has been subsumed by reactive politics . Paradoxically considering the Libs so called love of less government , The Department of CW has grown under their leadership .Just proves that not all reactionaries come from the left .
Few NOW stop to think when an algal bloom STOPS everything  - well why didn't the Departmnet responsible reduce the risk in the first place .Answer is:  because the government have closed down the department that prevents in favour of the department that names and shames; The Department that suggests emergencies - DSE ; Such Departments are just as likely to name some other departmental or contracted service to " fix the problem "--- all a bit late of course .  The Libs have lost sight of foresight  and created Wolf radio.You heard it first on blogger .

Sunday, December 4, 2011

If fear itself is the the only fear

Admitting we don't really know much and aren't very together can be liberating.  We don't spend so much time crying wolf for others when we are humble about pits we might fall into today. Better than that ; we can feel a lot better overall and make a better day for ourselves by finding a way to accept ourselves and not worry about others.  
Thanks Truthaholics
"We tell lies when we are afraid... afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger." ~ Tad Williams (1957- ) Author

One of my class of 10YO's  walked past me as I tried to open  my car the wrong way the other day ( using the key instead of the button) The alarm went off and I swore ( The child  tells me ) I do it all the time and the world knows I haven't learned from my mistakes
I didn't want to admit even that I may have done it ( I can't remember ) I probably did , but how hard is it to admit you have been wrong ( not that swearing is that big an issue , except some people watch you like a hawk for faults and YOU feel that  )
Never easy to confess,  but its good for the soul - everyone's  soul if it encourages us to be honest ( first line)
My relationship with that student improved no end from that moment I confessed . The problem  went away somehow and it was wonderful . So good to be amongst the poor. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

The only real sin is doing nothing

The Queens scriptwriter ,Commonwealth leaders  and our Prime Minister are agreed this week. The thing we must do is move with the times. Move indeed we must or else..... we are dead.  The wolf issue is not about whether to move , but when and where. The Wolf  is cunning and more cunning than us .( there is the truth)

The comfortable crap session that have marked CHOGM so far explains, not only why the wolf has arrived , but why he's likely to keep taking bodies.
Instead of talking to the critical issues of rampant capital markets and woosy weak willed views of governance issues the leader carefully about PC jargon  about safe distant topics or grand schemes to solve the world 's problems with nice words and grand legislative imposts by a group that clearly has never been responsible .eg The UN in Uganda .
If we don't hear an angry word from inside the conference,  The ABC ,the reporters and the conference will have failed . Nice but of nuisance value . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention
Take the bomb which will explode all around them by a media only interested in ratings
Population will reach 7 billion on the 31st  The cynics will give in to popular predjudice ? Will any of the reporters Get a real sustainability expert to talk on sustainability country/country

The  real sin is doing something when its not going to work and no attempt is made to make sure it will .
Our children deserve better than their hopes for a better world to be gobbled up by real wolves

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food for wolves is plentiful

Food for wolves remains plentiful while we all act like sheep. The sheep believe they will have  a tax,  but not have a tax . We will have pain , but we will not have pain .  Someone will get hurt by the new tax,  but it won't be you . Somewhere out there is a fear monger and its not me,  because I guarantee to protect everyone who produces clean fuel from food as we transfer to turbocharged tecnology which we will incentivise as investors on your behalf .
Sometimes I wish we wouldn't all act like sheep when  we should really be able  to tell a wolf in our own midst We are not sheep are we,  and we can all pick the dirty polluters for ourselves ?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We do need to manage greed but do we have the gutsy thinking and acting?

Crying carbon tax ?
With the rich in our world happily thinking they can exploit someone else's food bowl for fuel  ( ethanol) remember what really works hidden inside the cooperating ecosystems inside us and around us (so much more efficient in energy use than we ever will be) But it works  by cooperating, not just competing .

If you don't yet believe in evil ask yourself how many people really care and how many would just find excuses to do what they feel like? To tax others or blame them  Without tough intervention policies , the woosy incentive policies of the modern West will just keep making the rich richer and more easily able to ignore those who have no choice . Cooperation can work.  Competition is costly and can be a killer and a poor benefactor,  but will we just conveniently  acquire more goods and call the problem someone else's? Not here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The enemy within

The hardest thing to do is often  to recognise that there is a problem really close to home . Amongst those people and those ideas you have learnt to trust.; your own reasoning ; your own mind . The collective mind  the collective myth .
 Always good though to go there to your own mind and also get the safety of much advice.  Proverbs 11:14 Our PM is reluctant to go there , but go there the country must .

Monday, February 28, 2011

Going around doing good- just like Robin Hood

The people are aghast . Why are they paying so much for water when there is so much now around ?

Queen Julia and Prince Brumby have been justifying taxes because they are going to do so much good with them .

Edmond Burke said "The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention" . The public has not twigged that  her and his men are not poor , and neither are they experienced on the ground ,  but live in cocoons in castles, cultivate courts of  consultancies and empire builders .

Would you trust them to stop spending the windfall taxes on empires?  - they can't even tell the difference with their Robin Hood hoodwink strategy ( copyright eacademy) working so well  , between a resource that's getting scarce ( fuel)  and one that quite renewable ( like water )   sus em here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Has been tied down for a moment - great !

Positive changes . Was great to see a doctor from the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne (not a poly or pS) on TV last week talking about the practical issues of taking care in the current HOOPING COUGH EPIDEMIC

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wolf and Cyclone Yasi

Designated as a shelter , a Senior citizens centre in Cairns collapsed and only the initiative of a nurse prevented "a real disaster" by moving the people at her own initiative -
Why don't all cyclone towns have reliable shelters,  and why are houses still being built in flood prone zones ?
I think its this lack of planning people and process ( diminishing in the last decade) that needs some attention sometime. The main way to reduce the impact of disasters is to plan well and avoid generalized panic.( the very things that we are spending less on in between them )
Unfortunately its difficult to be completely objective in the midst of  a real threat or a perceived threat .

Reporters are clearly often desperate to put " its absolutely huge " in the mouths of the people they interview, alienating most of the people in the area who know its not." people are being told " - needs to be " who said"
authorship is always critical to effective authority and no more is its role( you in your small corner)  highlighted that in thes sorts of anticipated threat situations.
What place though is there for this type of hype when cry wolf should be avoided . More

The wolf and the floods Victoria

The wolf and the floods