Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wolf and Cyclone Yasi

Designated as a shelter , a Senior citizens centre in Cairns collapsed and only the initiative of a nurse prevented "a real disaster" by moving the people at her own initiative -
Why don't all cyclone towns have reliable shelters,  and why are houses still being built in flood prone zones ?
I think its this lack of planning people and process ( diminishing in the last decade) that needs some attention sometime. The main way to reduce the impact of disasters is to plan well and avoid generalized panic.( the very things that we are spending less on in between them )
Unfortunately its difficult to be completely objective in the midst of  a real threat or a perceived threat .

Reporters are clearly often desperate to put " its absolutely huge " in the mouths of the people they interview, alienating most of the people in the area who know its not." people are being told " - needs to be " who said"
authorship is always critical to effective authority and no more is its role( you in your small corner)  highlighted that in thes sorts of anticipated threat situations.
What place though is there for this type of hype when cry wolf should be avoided . More

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