Thursday, September 19, 2019

Worry warriors out of their tree over the reef

The worry warriors are fearful of reef damage from polluted runoff from land 
Lesson 1  Don't  listen to people quoting scientists ( people will quote those who agree with them) ; listen to scientists themselves .If you are not a scientist you will often need to LISTEN long to a range of them because on these complex questions , they don't always agree and it takes years to gain competency over the ecosystems ( cf plant or animal ) involved .
What many citizens do not know too is that much so called independent science research on environment has been captured by the politically correct . eg the cuddly stuff . You will read here about soil -- where are the soil scientists in YOUR state Utopia group ? 
 Should you trust someone whose just outta school ?(

Should you trust those who claim to know all the important things cause their facts are at their fingertips on a computer playing  with atmospheric physics modelling and because they are paid specifically to come up with more worries re climate ? 

Lesson 2  The solution to pollution is often dilution . Make up you own minds and study the flocculation after events . 

Lesson  3   Watch Utopia . People trying to do/help  the experts  do his/her job is driving the experts and honest brokers mad 
Whose a good scientists  to trust? One who admits he often knows more and more about less and less  

THE REEF  ( Great barrier reef Australia in particular)  Note nearshore ( discussed here ) can be different from wavecut platforms  etc 
The reef like any ecosystem is a complex but resilient beast , Like all ecosystems it requires a number of scientists to
understand  the actual boundaries of each animal or plants, resilience and how it works both individually and together; the stresses in lifecycle year, season and circumstance are full of variables. 

WHAT WE DO KNOW   about near shore effects from streams .

  1. Water bodies are usually  precariously infertile, That is , they struggle to maintain  nutrient recycling near the surface because gravity operates on both solids and solutes (the critical unseen particles )  
  2. Life in water is dependant then on phases A- phases of growth and decline ; B phases of depletion and infertility ; C phases of dependency ( algae feeding fish bacteria protozoa zooplankton etc )  D phases of regeneration ( seeding spores and high substrate  availability - from another phase ; phases or death or threat ( wind and calm ) 
  3.  Fresh water entering salt water can release large amounts of much needed food  but the various phases of growth and decline vary greatly with space and time , A turbid flood does not reduce light penetration in seawater for long as high salts flocculate the clays .( generally) 
  4. In general and in the big picture,   the reefs can benefit greatly  from highly nutrient rich  from land  runoff. They after all often running near empty on some equations of productivity and growth . 
  5. While soil could impact negatively on the growth of algae and various other species,  the soil particles do not remain suspended for long and their attendant cation site attachments are welcome with little likelihood of deep deposits on reefs 
  6. Do not panic . even the most turbid water coming from land is soon  flocculated in sea water .

    Take the fake news off the news please   we don't watch the ABC much now anyways as they employ few practical scientists and follow the weight of the political moment in the direction of  ignorant fear mongers and cynics. 

read  Douglas Murray in "The madness of crowds" )

Thursday, September 5, 2019


Good art is often confrontational. It puts the current deep dilemmas in a frame;  but it doesn't often do it nicely. When the powerful get fanatical they feel it face on, full on .

So why is there so little confrontational art around? ( working dog's UTOPIA , and MAD as HELL come later )
--The ABC would rather produce comedy and there is a case with their new domestic dramas that the --ABC have completely confused the road to fun serious domestic . Either way ABC Art is not cutting it
--The ABC do too much navel gazing in their own contexts ( mechanistic rather than artistic paradoxically) as GKC put it , the real anarchists are offsite .

 Art  does cut  more truthfully and directly  than this slow burn cynical nonsense  of rationally driven action; where  "my idea is always the best "
Art does this in a way that mere description ( the myth that sub scientists often adopt as gospel) cannot.

Powerful people (eg media and politics  ) can't usually hack this sort of art in their direction  because their world view is the present and the current action agenda is their own .
Art will tell our mothers fathers and leaders that their unrepentant blindness is driving us  who know things all to despair and suicide ,
Art,  at its best , puts the frightening human condition ( denial arrogance hypocrisy)of all .. to the test  Those who hide behind talk of being most rational are currently most exposed .

Good art for example on climate concerns would remind us  that some thing is still missing from the self evidently super rational picture presented by the now fanatical powerful worry warriors.

Despite over ten years of fact,after fact , no amount of facts stacks up because the facts are self select . Only this week we have the ABC reporting the pre Archimedes nonsense that icebergs,  when the melt , will raise the sea level . In water they are already displacing the  water   

Good art on climate change will probably bring the  house down with just  one well put  laugh on the above programs . Poor art and politics is humorless .Its like living in 1984. no this , no that and only chocolate when you are good .

While many of us who lost our  opportunity to effect sound public service because of the quick fix politics of the media and politicians love Utopia , WE find it hard to watch the isolated sense makers like Rob and Celia get screwed - week after week. ( as happened to us ) whats needed to break the spell may not be nice, but we know its coming .
Our children can't afford to have the country being run by technological fix agents ( Ellul) , posies corrupted by collective incompetence that results from not weeding out unsound logic . the logic that increases the number of complicit consultants and public servants and alienates those who know better , I have written to Ida to ask her to get Arhn do ( or others ) to paint the picture of some of our lost and now largely silent  prophets.
Real dilemmas in art are good,  but sometimes not as effective in making us see solutions an seeing people amid their mistakes .

I love it how they get Celia to ask -- " talk to the future"  (or are they just afraid to ?) some of us are always talking to a better future by simply  confronting the reality of the unweeded garden. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

They live the dream at our expense

One day Daniel Andrews will have to face the fact that he is a stooge  for the incompetent,  the fearful and the impractical. The only reason those types survive in power is because he is so nice and the city have a stranglehold on logic - Labor has become the great Australian stooge party .
History will not be kind to their complete incompetence and radical runaway reactive approach to everything . 
Lisa Neville is pushed to make water because Andrews team and tradition led down to a meltdown of logic on water --- and have big bills to pay ., The realization that OUR subsidies for solar are benefiting the rich has only just hit them   For all their comfortable time in power not one word in favor of incineration . Oh no we would rather just be frightened and stay frightened and worried  with greenlabor.
Don't dare give our children a job in engineering solutions to environment risk - that would be forbotten .
We can t use word s like incineration or base load power and reasonable cost  - better to export our rubbish and make everyone pay for our self righteous crap
  . Labor when they are not just stunned,  are afraid to move . so afraid to be seen stuck they move somewhere - somewhere worse . They end up costing the earth and creating the biggest Nimbyism  known in modern  time. We export the risk .

1st August LABOR's three Federal stooges ( there are more ) 
 are desperate and desperately shallow in their thinking and compromised weak and unconvincing in their coalitions with the real world . Never get a job outside . 
Fancy failing to see their resistance to free speech YESTERDAY is a sign of their own inability to deal with a robust discussion. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

What can you say about Q and A?

Forget making a big deal about Folau's focus on Hell . We have the ABC leading its progressives to that place where the dark trinity rests : blame ,confounding,confusion.  . Last night's cacaphony of bleeting . blaming , talking over one another noise was like Hell itself.

Takes this overeaching effort by the high priests at the ABC ( "of course we can tackle anything !-" like our own mental illnesses) to force flush out the fantasy and hypocrisy  in that ambition in that context ,
Its not about answering questions , but overloading us with them;  and the pushing out dead old answers that don't work.   There is also,  according to the modern progressives, no way we can learn by reflecting back -the clear option at the evening armchair bar  is just fast moving progress ( the name on their tram)  .

 This is what happens ( bit of real science in real consequence) when only the facts are valued and the means to put them together is not. Our attendance at the altar of the ultimate rationalists,  is,  as David Christian says,  a predictable commitment to driving down the culdesac of epistemilogical despair.
  Without agreed values,  and an  agreed faith , (that works) this form of unblessed sharing is just noise ( and avoidance and denial of the dual nature we all share )  .
Look at the scathing treatment of politicians and those who study to show themselves approved ( "We don't need the skilled. "
Why would God bless this worship of questions procalamtions and speculations when there is no real commitment in this" god I am clever at naming the concern"fest.
Thankfully , God was mentioned as the only Lifeline from such a maelstrom of mere facts and mental anguish.
  God , if only a few presenters at the ABC would get outside,  grow up  and stop sharing their stupid cynicism( and quick fiz problem solving nonsense ) with the young people of this country .,  .Tragic eventually and meanwhile just noise and frustration while they pay themseleves to do what.......?? they think might possibly have some slim chance of working ..... Stop solving problems
Not this evening at the front bar stuff - that was our job once 

Please Ita Buttrose stop them trying to solve problems they don't understand . Even Heather Ewatt (( Backrods - good as it is ) _and Landline,  for all their  openess and light an airy flying and out are still not RESPECTING AUTHORS and institutions -  the real basis for resilience which strengthen and sustains long term . Our polys ( apart from the current  senate gurus)  represenst areas and issues better then you have been --- and that saying something because they have marginal nit wits to woory about as well .How about you have a go a them sometime #
The  ABC has been playing god with the rest  - part of and still is ( last weeks overly cynical and distracted hunt on 4 corners )  the faisco of arrogant  reporters and wannebes bush poets  own false leads and fantasises on how things work out here . It ain't right to construct the story from afar .

Monday, June 10, 2019

The outrage of having a public broadcaster whose righteousness can't be questioned .

Philip Adams still has a huge audience, but  he still  says nothing in his weekly review in The Australian.
Yes  he might say something nice about someone or some cause he has mauled ( like the church ) but really he's a menace ; promoting his own causes.Pretending to do 'science'
What a waste of his time and those who read him . All those years and he could have a promoted a cause that worked . This week he talks about all the work he put into a cause that noone else thought was credible .
Paradoxically the 2 of them were chasing windmills .

How many others of this sort does our public broadcaster cultivate ?
There is no limit to the lack of maturity amongst those who choose to know about everything  but don't discipline themselves to know anything about anything .
These members of the Skimpole club console themselves with the fact that their knowledge is encyclopedic , Pity the depth of their understanding is microscopic ( unlike those who practice science,  and don't worship it as the technocolor yawn merchants do.
On the surface the splash in the daily bird bath  looks very interesting,,  So Australia staggers on , playing with technology, and talking about innovation without really investing in the hard work of it .  These people take up,  like Skimpole jobs where they are fed and watered for their fact filled excitement about what is new .The real engine of growth is too boring and long winded for them.

The ABC don't realize that while chasing their own causes they can and do miss the real causes of note  .Some old dinosaur sectors and specific scientists ( practical ones ) hardly get a mention . Even the sound ABC (Hutcheons and Ahns :"one 2 ones and fame "ones largely miss the quiet ones , not right at all . Jut chasing the wind
 The ABC club  don't believe in God ( even though He pays them ) so they become gods in their own right - and right in their own eyes ; rightousness
 Unaware as Orwell warned us that the real products of innovation will arrive at a destination not covered by the media .

The progressives are straining  to be too far in front to see where the momentum really is
Ever  learning but never coming to a working knowledge of what works --a nd not reporting it . As Skimpole says of himself ..   "I am only a child".
If a child, then give the job to someone who respects the process of mature learning .
Put some experienced scientists into our ABC

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Attention seeking children need a scold

The one who cries wolf does not really know risk . He only knows the name of the fear .
Fine if this behavior comes from children - its natural enough.
We all know the scary nature of that noise when it comes from a child . That's fine - we will teach em out of it
But some kids never grow up.

What if half the country is run by noisy children ?, Those like Skimpole who know so much that they command attention , but know so little they can't help manage the simplest of risks .
This group know so much they can hide,  as they  have learned to do ,  behind their  encyclopedic volume of facts.  Skipholes are nothng if not well educated and well spoken  everywhere advocating fact checking but nowhere to be seen on the ground with the implementation of their ideas . Like Skimpole they live inside the house . Worse they are parasites on the productive in the house

Watch out for them and the tendency to be a cynical smart arse yourself

Denial  is far distraction and projection are more common in our lives than we are prepared to accept . Our experience with young children should have warned us , The terrible thin is there are children out there who have never gron For example We  can all  hide our cynicism with a veneer of care,  as so many characters in Dickens do . Swimming in shit that is often well dressed  (T. Dalrymple )
Its easy to project denial on others when , for example  95% of the people say " you don't care about the amount of hot air we generate  "of  the 5% of Climate Change deniers.  Not so easy when  a child in our house reminds us we too are guilty.
Cheeky brat know alls at age 14 are one thing  ( quite normal ) , but NAbrats at 40 are worse than useless - unrepentant  they just live to erode and corrode
Presumably Skim pole was told many times to stop living on his cultivated cynicism. excusing his false fears and incompetency and lazy life and thinking when it suited him .
The Skimpole club has grown -many do you know who hide their lazy and noisy parasitism in a cloud of cynical conversational-ism; such   people have no trouble finding "friends ".
The fact is that not only was he a noise making nuisance his parasitism and compliance in nuisance made him even more unproductive  than he would have been if he didn't cultivate friends or at least other cynics who could hide with him . Easy to buy some more food for talk from the frenzy that reigns when its all talk - who knows or cares whether it really goes anywhere - so often point scoring for pedants 
We all ought to examine ourselves to see whether such a wasted life ( and silly knowing smile of safe cynicism)   is something we will be remembered for .

Those children who never grow up need a scold from more than one Esther if they not to break the bank in their own home . let alone the one we share .

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Democracies at Risk - Australia

One state of 6 Australian States
-  Victoria 

Of  37 federal seats  only 5 are rural and are very large  with 6 regional areas making a total of 11 people representing the majority of Victoria ;  26 people representing the cities in the centre of this picture.

Background - the victory of the pedants over the principled
. Labors insistence on the myopic dominance of one vote one value has meant for those living in the wide brown land that they are under the tyranny of being told what the regions problems/challenges/opportunities  are by those in the cities who simply do not know them .

Yes we have had a miracle here in Australasia in May 2019( and there are bit challenges elsewhere ) but here is ours alive well and still to threat our home and ability to reason well together down under 

A growing threat 
I was drawn into politics simply because even though I had one of the best jobs in the world working with some of the most productive people in the world, the city started telling us how to look after the earth. That would have been fine if the city knew something we didn't ( and
I didn't have a post grad from our great education system ) but nothing in 3 decades of dealing with the most arrogant and ignorant alliance of ideologues I know means  means Greenlabor should back off and show some respect .
Publishing for decades at  we have fully expected the show to be over  years ago .

The battle is certainly lost as the Vic state level for decades with Labor now settled into a comfortable  sense that they know something about something that requires our best skills and competencies. The comfortable team of reactionaries does not realize that if not done well  attempted governance in ignorance risks  the lives and minds and careers of those who are competent to deal with complex environmental and production  challenges.

Will finish this tomorrow.
see the injustice here in maps  70 % of the seats are in cities except  in Qld where  the regions still have greater than  60% of the population in them.  Of the 30 to 40 seats in each of the eastern states only a few are rural and regional  .