Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Why is the Trump phenomenon so common?

Q Why is there so much polarization and indifference to arguments from "the otherside" ? A Because we have believed too much in resolving arguments with another argument ? You heard it first on Emperors Academy
It seems to me that --- its not the polarisation or strength of arguments that is troubling the West, but the failure of so many arguments to give strength to any argument .
As Greg Sheridan , following Dostoyevsky . says in his “ God is good for you “ if you don’t put God in the picture , you haven’t got a picture : nothing to frame, nothing to gain
People are pushing too hard with rationale when rationale is never enough. We all need to stop being so Greek and think more like the Hebrews
Because this new belief in the power of mere logic doesn't , work people are short circuiting good arguments and inserting power words to try and win moral points : annoying, non objective and often a waste of time.

Take an example of polarization that cuts deep - eating meat in the West .
Many westerners now attach "the survival of the planet " or the " cruelty to animals ;" to the paradox of animals needing to eat each other. We can build up a picture using such arguments but is it a consistent picture? No it is not - Many are NOW creating sins associated with meat eating of any kind.
Clearly from my point of view as an ecologist, the former argument is just not true to nature , Animals eat each other , the reason why humans shouldn't must come from a god camp of some kind ? Cruelty is not a God issue – it’s a man issue. Confusion about connections is now the new norm. . we could go on
I therefore conclude as a scientist that many people only talk science (because its supposed to have moral value ) but do not practice it - esp because they can't or won't follow a long argument or recognise the limitations and complexities of causation research .
When faced with their reluctance to go on the long journey of logic they chose the shortest route ....... and make you do all the work.
The lack of respect for sound science in practice is profound and was predicted by our best scientific minds nearly 100 years ago .
The chickens are coming home to roost in unhappy gatherings of god like roosters ; who only claim their own ownership of higher perches.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Unsustainable attention and agenda seeking authors in Media

It used to only be the gutter press who would add an adjective to an accurate description word- esp in relation to a person.

Now we can't even watch  the ABC news without having our emotions played with by the writers careless reporting . Some on the ABC news crew are writing their own death warrants with thinking people by being so careless and presumtously self righteous .
I won' t bore you with key offenders,or more probin, but several of them are prominent political reporters with the ABC.
They are not reporters,  they are careless commentators. They are not straight up to your face but snide. Maybe  news producers  need  a shove?

When Cardinal Pell's term in office ended today variuos news services described it as a sacking and a removal.
The highly reactive and now moral authority press will be judged for showing no respect for ANYONE who takes on a task of leadership.
--News to most of them would be that authority goes with the weighty responsibility ( not all glory!).Misleading young people and making them far too cynical - in name of "questioning "
---News to them that they now think they are self appointed moral guardians - and news to them that their tool kit is limited to lawfare,and shaming ( thanks Linda )

What is wrong with our eduction system that the young and the old BB don't understand the principles of libel?
 Its quite evident that some reporters are carrying a message of hate
Reporters should be sacked for inappropriate hate speech.
Sadly  the press don't know what is going on .That they maybe part of the malaie ; the confusion over whats moral ?
Sadly the press have become the slower class who never quite get why THE CROWN is a great story and a great true story.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Desperate straits for the Climate Alarmists

When the young children are on the streets and the celebrities do nothing but talk urgently about disaster, you know things are desperate. Not so much in the "being reasonable " stakes but in the fear stakes . Fear of losing attention and power in the media .
After all CC alarmists have been predicting immanent disaster for decades now - and whats happened ?  (You heard it first from Emperors Academy Dec 6th 2018)
  1. Have sea levels risen?  No but they keep drumming up Kurabati --shelf subsidence 
  2. Have we run out of water Tim?  Do we need urgently to build more desal plants? 
  3. Have the incentives worked ?Should govt continue to waste huge amounts of  our money on subsidizing middle class welfare in form of now dated solar technology. lights and insulation?
  4. Has wind power evolved so that we don't have to replace the gearboxes in those flights of fancy of centuries old technology. Maybe its money spent on about to be superceded methods? 
  5. Have they got more scientists to talk ? Credible spokespersons are getting rarer. Scientists who study these theories from different disciplines of science have always been rare One wrote Tomms against the simple equationists decades ago   Ian Plimer :Heaven and Earth. 
  6. Why doesn't IPACC keep us in tune .It has a huge budget as do the sycophants in all Western democ racies Diurnal radiation transfers ,Glaciologists, geologists  and Physicists with questions. 
  7. Have we made the option of change viable ? No the alarmists don't even seem to know what the alternatives are. Why don't we let the market decide on the new technology?. Why waste out taxes on todays version?  Why not tax energy sources "we" don't like ? cars heating with gas etc etc  Is the single focus on coal credible ? Don't make us laugh! 
  8. Does anyone know what Greenlabor would do if it got the tax?      You answer !!
    I do know that in Victoria they have been  allowing some companies to gas out carbon sequested at taxpayers expense--for years. Do these governments really know what they want to do - let alone know what they want us to do ( ie shoud we all have white roofs?
  9. Are we any further than good intentions ? The greatest evil was  done in the name of the best intention- at least according to our forefathers. Mr Daniel Andrews is smarter than to fall for that ; he is more progressive than anyone, or he thinks he is .  
  10. Why not just raise taxes so wannabes can fund reaserch into CC problem identification and solutions.Their way for them and their way for us ,,,its all costs us heaps and them nothing .
Well for one reason the French are rioting over the idea of more carbon taxes . Our aussies  would too if they realised the depth of carbon type taxes proposed and implemented already. Luckily the ABC won't tell them eh !
  1.  Attenborough is wrong . "The people aren't calling  for it " , The people calling  for it are wanting the people to pay for it ; and Richard told them people last week they, in particular were not logical - now he is joining their club and talking without focusing on sense .Is he really to be trusted? Is he so popular  he can't possibly disagree with whats popular ?
  2. The children should be taught that if you are going to protest and suggest action, you need to suggest an alternative action and your protest could cost you personally .

    Otherwise you , kiddo may be remembered in history as irresponsible crap merchants best 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Many Greens are allowing wolves to kill

Its all very well to love animals . We all should .But loving means doing hard things to avoid real damage , excessive cruelty, pain and death . 

We should make decisions to prevent cruelty to animals . The severity of our emotions on this matter is  severe enough to cause us to stall . Yet we are called sometimes  to intervene near the end of life .
I am sure the Greens get the simple bit about no cruelty- we all do . Trouble is they go no further with the deeper and most difficult  business of how . They simply don't think deeply about  nature in the raw - the real world they so claim to love . Love is a lie if it's blind : to starvation ,pain injury and death especially in the newly loved wild places   Living with animals is hard , esp when dealing with death injury, sickness and the risk of them To be good conservationists we must complete the cycle ; complete the picture : deal with death; deal with risk and prevent pain when we can .   

Many Greens are  pretending to be worried about the suffering of well fed sheep on a cruise   when thousands of kangaroos are dying of starvation in our outback -- right now --this is just plain hypocrisy and a failure to weigh up the facts in each case . 

(Why has NSW taken so long to allow the thousands of starving kangaroos to be shot ---- Spring 2018 - edited Oct 2018)
The Greens are in denial about death and the big picture . If you are going to love nature to death you have to accept tooth and claw.
Their heavenly minded blinkeredness seems to make them attractive to many who like one side of the story but not the other - they want to pat the animal ,but not  exercise dominion over it in the real world.
Some young people , thankfully ,  are not fooled by Green labor's heavenly minded stupidity. To care properly is to care about death

Joel Fitzibbon is like the witless Shusalesman and Bill Shorten; unfit for office for identifying himself with the careless call to ban live sheep trade;   To dice what little integrity he has to try and get a few votes.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Push back and how to do it

Push back
The progressives have finally recognized a problem with their philosophy.
They have no credible means of push back.
 It doesn’t help that they don’t know where the solid ground is to push back from.  Lets face facts : their whole lives they have been anti authoritarian in their attitude. Pushing down barriers
Progressives philosophy has always been that progress is automatic; you don’t have to do anything ; just sit back , do what you like .Life is so much better if you do nothing.
Many progressives are so much at sea that they cannot see that what drives the ship is not an uphill breeze (their faith ) but drivers from all directions. 
Even when they push back against the past,  its because there is something solid in there somewhere (and best to find it so your push back is not too spongy and goes nowhere) ,
If you are going to build a better society,  you have to build on something good from the past .
A few progressives , thankfully, have realised that you can't always have your cake and eat it too . You can't really be a hedonist and still practice marriage.
But such realisations come at great cost to rationalists who want to be truthful- simple rationality is usually too simple rationales for one;s own predjudices.
Others, having discovered for themselves the high risk possibility of totally non-objective mind construct in their very own way with words have trouble constructing anything --- "whatever"

Neither of these, still rare reactionaries, are now no longer fully into education; They are nervous,

 They just want push back of some kind. So, what may look like strength in the  pushy passion of the present is not progress but desperation. The ships at sea; That’s asking HOW and not looking back and seeing the obvious; you ignored a principle that worked . Its most likely its also because you don’t recognize what works ; you have not eyes to see what works.
BB progressives have never been into power until they got it : until they find themselves in the ABC or in politics ; These are  not places where the only effective tool they know is blunt push whether by law ridicule ( eg anything from the past is a solid but dumb doctrine of progressives )or PC logic of the class  .
What a relief pushback at the press of a button. a new law; a program of why men are so badly behaved now that we all know better from our very own experience . .
 It all very well too spending your lives, as many of the purely reactionary types do,   pushing back on the past but there comes a time when such predictable and pervasive  cynicism breeds roots in your  own family and friends .
Even if you still believing in” moving on” and that you indeed moving on,  the testimony from the words and ideals is that you are going backwards and looking backwards .I mean lest face facts you are always using the past to tell your story .  
Nothing more symbolizes this in 2017 than the grab for power from that old institution of marriage.

Baby booming progressives may want push back, but they really don’t know how to get it

The tough preventative answer is, of course, still true; its just not widely accepted because its "old hat".  Loved people don’t get angry, ongoing wilful ignorance of our needs by others makes us angry. Add to the modern list wilful ignorance and arrogance by the media and wannabes makes some people very angry and depressed.  We all need to be understood – not lectured to from the screen. Lay off you lot .
 The progressives have been banging on for so long against what they say is the weaknesses of the Christian position that they can’t see its strengths.
To be a person of faith requires you to  stand your ground and not move ; the ultimate in push back positions .   To be resilient you have to take a punch without flinching and to be resilient you have to know what the disease drives the  fighting- what contention reform and rebuke is all about.  It takes two to tango,  which means self-control and self-assessment are obligatory if you are going to get some real firmness back in your life .
Its not all about them or you but both of you
The best push back turns out to be to be love ,  the light has shined in the darkness but the world has rejected it  .
 If you love someone whose thinking and acting is wrong you push back .

Monday, December 11, 2017

Trusting people

An excellent series of testimonies of domestic violence on ABC Four corners fails to  direct attention to what we can all do about it ;
  1. Recognize the signs .  
  2. Establish the facts - "does this person relate well to their parents ? - if not:     beware

    People are too trusting .
We all ought to beware of children who grow up from an early age without boundaries; thinking they can and must control their environment.Seeking control but with no respect for boundaries,
Mothers,Fathers friends and family need to remind their loved ones that marrying someone who has grown up that way is dangerous. We are all dangerous .
One of the reasons maybe we don't talk about it is because marrying anyone is always a risky  thing .
ANGER - rejection of our person
The point is that conflict and anger ( eg rejecting who I am or feeling rejected for being who I am ) will occur. God rejects us as we are,  so why wouldn't some one else who loves us too? Sometimes rejected for right reasons , sometimes rejected because we observers have flawed vision .the control freak can be  daily lost because dep down he does not know where to rest in himself /herself . These things used to be taught in  Sunday School - how to accept yourself  To love yourself .

After all ,after God , our partners are the ones who see we are not perfect . Our partners , also like God don't always like what we do and say even though they may believe in us . Understanding what "believing in us "means is at the heart of this issue .
Luther the angry man found self acceptance by being honest with himself - noone sins the daylight he said - so don't be deceived about what you see in your mirror  , You are going to have to forgive yourself and your partner. Love is not about being nice ;That's often what con men and con women specialize in. Love seeks renewal and restoration  through confession , confrontation and repentance

The reason why there is epidemic of DV is because post modernism does not talk effectively to dealing with anger and evil,  power and person. It does not accept and therfore deal deal with the sins we commit every day. maybe DV should be called denial violence.

Behaviorism and denial of original sin ( there are just good and bad people )provides  no alerts other than behavior ( which is too late/slow )
This blinkered post Christian idea  doesn't tell us that we are all capable of bad and we are all going to have to deal with real anger in our marriages and with our children

Pride goes before a fall

Pride is a important thing to have, hold and treasure,  but so is humility .
We are so unworthy of claims to either that the mere mention of it , by anyone,  is scary.

Presumably because we want to believe more in ourselves than we warrant ,its tempting , especially for leaders to jockey up the people with talk of things we can be proud of . The tempataion when parties hold office on a knife edge is huge . Ultimately though the peope and the politics must reject the talk and face the deeper truth

This distortion of reality seems to be worse when there are heaps of thing we can't be proud of .  (eg The well being of one generation of Aussies and the poverty of the next )
Politicians and even our public broadcaster , use the talk to distract us and make us feel better about ourselves -Cynical positivists
Malcolm Turnbull like many progressives ,has been doing a bit of that talk too .
Modern leaders would do well to think of leaders who pass the test of working towards true commonwealth Like Queen Victoria - who held the tension  that we all have to do in our families - keep a balance between noise and real need.

Leaders like her whose "defiant humility lay at the heart of her empire" GK Chesterton .