Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If leaders don't understand the danger they generate fear instead of the antidote - understanding

Colac Otway Shire are full of fear . They are worried about DSE because they fined the shire nearly a miiilion dollars for doing something in ignorance. If COT had competent advice to counter the fearmongers, they would tell those who let the precautionary principle hide their unprofessionalism where to go with their worries . If you really understand ecology, you really understand the risk,you calm people, you worry less and you certainly don't let fear become  the main driver in your division. .

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fear not - the facts may not be relevant

Facts are really only allowed to assume their proper value  when you are without fear. When hope is present,  the apparent hopelessness doesn't block the ways out . Perera on ABCTV this week provided one on qandries discussion on population by reminding us that  great heart can do great things. 

But there was little room for heart in that room though .Dick smith is right to a point - that we are our own worst enemies . But he like many is projecting the problem onto mere numbers.  The elephant in the room was guilt and few if any knew the antidote ;  that competence in ecomia ( even scarcity issues ) is the best antidote to fear .
 Joining Bob on a careless jog to the latest ideas is no good unless you have both a great heart and a great mind to know how to implement those ideas .   Wannabes and woorier warriors must stand aside and let people who know what they are doing , speak. At qandary its always the same old worry worriers . 

When the mood is one of pessimism and determinism,  you can't trust the lists of critical matters that qandary put up as important .
Nowhere is this more obvious than when nature is seen on its own in the evening of life . When our youthful exuberance over natures beauty is countered by her other side. 
Life can look pretty bleak if you see only population and genetic pressures staring down relentlessly on all our deliberations . 

When pessimistic mood takes over as has done around the country ,  we shut out the facts that  competence in economics ( even scarcity issues ) ,not facts are the best antidote  to fear. 
The facts on population  pressure and infrastructure needs  are known - as they affect us and the world.  . 
We don't need more bureaucrats to bog everyone down with more facts . we just need to face our fears and let those who aren't blinded by them get on with the job of addressing planning and prevention like they used to . 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Decade of Wecare- proudly supported by every quango in the country

RE What will we celebrate this year ? Wolves in sheeps clothing ?

Did you say We care or Weak care ? Since when does the government really care? Does it really care when it creates 10 departments to do the same or similar jobs ( duplication is the normal result of that much  nicer PC correct word "restructure" )
I , as a professional risk asessment person would probably vote for a party that banned government advertising, but  especially those dumb and dull repeats  of ads with any hint of "we really Care" in them

Many of the 170 who died in bushfires in February 2009 in Victoria died because the risk information provided to them was crap. Some of us , who used to be employed in that risk asessment system , have been telling both sides of politics that the advisory system on risk had turned soft - years and years before !

Care is best left to people .Competent people .  And not lots of people trying to do the same job .

The weakcare ads  may win a few votes in the short term , but in the long term there is,  not only all the mute buttons ON ,  but a real strong smell when the party in power raises the issue of " how much they care " .

Governments don't care - people care !  Polys - maybe you haven't got enough people who really care left -- those who care enough to speak up may have already left ? Did you hear J.R. Saul talk about monkeys on qanda last night. My take on his story  is not your rear end you need to worry about but those all around you who sit too comfortably on theirs.
There are wolves out there .........still . More than you think .  They are wise and clever ,dressing up and saying all the right things!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ya never listen , so what's the use !

Too true . Crying wolf too is something we all do too much of .
"Its too easy " said Hanrahan when he got a bit older and wiser.

Sometimes the warning message is better put in love.Click here 
Now there is a media agency that deserves to be put on your favourites list.
Why don't we hear more from that agency? you might well ask  !
Because  its free- free indeed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Outta here

RE : The biggest coronial enquiry in Australia's history - deaths from a bushfire 2009
12 mths after it comes out :The chief commisioner  wasn't around when it mattered - A bit symbolic perhaps ?
Also : "The warnings went out ,but they were the wrong warnings"
When to warn,  and what to say are issues not well understood, especially at the top .   Maybe this simple tension is just too complex for some of our wannabes to understand,,, let alone act intelligently on . If you ever advise them, you need to keep it very simple - obfsucation is the name of the game - just ask sir humphrey . 
If they had used their brains our leaders would have INSISTED  on getting people with experience when they take risk management advice . The budget to prevent disasters from happening has been growing - but has the understanding? 

Obviously "Outa there" says it all . All far too complex for the commmitte that is our leadership at the moment ?. . The warnings went out ,but they were the wrong warnings .

Lets make it simple . Make sure you say "outta here NOW" . Time to stop sitting on that word the emerging management team are so afraid of  ; the word " evacuate"   
Read back now how that word  has been forbotten for a whole year .  The symbolism of Labors failure is tragic in the extreme. The politically correct book of Labor words  2009 is full of death defining bullsh .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The silly sheep - "there are wolves in them there schools" they cried

RE: Polys decide on school curriculums in Victoria
"Is your mother treating you badly my child?" Here have some lollies!

Politicians who think the wolves are easy to round up  need to think again . While its also tempting to think the sheep are a dumb lot , and need someone to tell them how to look after their children - watch out -teaching is the parents primary job and only fools think they can do better or apart from them . The greatest evil is still ,in 2010, done in the name of the best intention .Fancy polys telling  teachers what they should teach .  Trying to prevent indoctrination and unfair discrimination is fine. To think you can do it is one stupid  thing,  but to think that leaving it to some court of administrative justice means you clearly  missed out on the very first lesson .
"Is your mother treating you badly my child?"  Here have some lollies!
First off , the people are not sheep and if agnostic intellectuals are sending their kids to church schools in bigger and bigger numbers , the evidence is that intelligent parents and children can cope with the religious talk stuff . The wannabes worry too much .
Not everyone believes they are as influential with their words, as polys and the media do .  Ask a real teacher or parent.
Kids get plenty of heresy in any school , and at any school playground . At a good school they get to choose what they think ( and to some extent what they hear)---maybe even learn to "fight" for it.  Passion is the seed of violence,  but thats no reason to run away from it - or to not allow it to be heard ( Voltaire would be amazed at what Hull is trying to do)! No wonder many thinking parents avoid State schools because their philosophy is increasingly a woosy one and you get to hear everything - very noisy; confusingly so !( you heard it first on Blogger!)

Gillard and Hulls are worried .They think there are wolves in them there schools . Maybe there are, but weeding em them out by asking them to appear in court is not going to work. Wolves don't wear badges and allow themselves to be called in on "the job description" only .  Worse,  its really woosy, discriminating, unfair abusive , counterproductive  and overly deterministic to label anyone with a passion "de wolf "when the no one person is a wolf really anyway .
The proper target here is really wolf like and woosy like behavior . The reason why the characterization is helpful is because the common distracted focus on improving behavior  is wasteful and counterproductive - only for the reactionaries . We don't need a wolf check , we need a fair fighting policy to check "wolves" and wolf like behavior.

Gillard and Hulls are worried ,  but like many , they are not sure what they are really worried about .  You need to know the enemy , before you can fight the enemy . All the power , money, courts and sirens  won't stop one wolf if you leave the windows half  open and don't allow parents to teach their own children;  esp if you think you, wonderful you , know how to deal with wolves specifically in your/their own circle of acquaitances. ( Hello Grandma)
Those with raw power often forget about the real value of raw cunning,  and no one is more vulnerable to forgeting that than the generation who promote and do not acknowledge pseudoinnocence.
Cummon , You know what wolves are like - more cunning than those who think the court is the place to promote justice and reasonableness ;Those who think a power driven logomachine is the place to fight and win the real battles.( Copyright EA March 2010)