Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fear not - the facts may not be relevant

Facts are really only allowed to assume their proper value  when you are without fear. When hope is present,  the apparent hopelessness doesn't block the ways out . Perera on ABCTV this week provided one on qandries discussion on population by reminding us that  great heart can do great things. 

But there was little room for heart in that room though .Dick smith is right to a point - that we are our own worst enemies . But he like many is projecting the problem onto mere numbers.  The elephant in the room was guilt and few if any knew the antidote ;  that competence in ecomia ( even scarcity issues ) is the best antidote to fear .
 Joining Bob on a careless jog to the latest ideas is no good unless you have both a great heart and a great mind to know how to implement those ideas .   Wannabes and woorier warriors must stand aside and let people who know what they are doing , speak. At qandary its always the same old worry worriers . 

When the mood is one of pessimism and determinism,  you can't trust the lists of critical matters that qandary put up as important .
Nowhere is this more obvious than when nature is seen on its own in the evening of life . When our youthful exuberance over natures beauty is countered by her other side. 
Life can look pretty bleak if you see only population and genetic pressures staring down relentlessly on all our deliberations . 

When pessimistic mood takes over as has done around the country ,  we shut out the facts that  competence in economics ( even scarcity issues ) ,not facts are the best antidote  to fear. 
The facts on population  pressure and infrastructure needs  are known - as they affect us and the world.  . 
We don't need more bureaucrats to bog everyone down with more facts . we just need to face our fears and let those who aren't blinded by them get on with the job of addressing planning and prevention like they used to . 

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  1. The world is a fruitful place .Its why food so cheap , mostly.

    Look at Australia now --grass and crops growing from the top to the very bottom . All sequestering carbon for use potentially in some of the best things we enjoy , bread, butter cheese cream and ice cream. If your still not convinced about how to balance the arguments ( they are complex ) ask questions .