Monday, May 24, 2010

Decade of Wecare- proudly supported by every quango in the country

RE What will we celebrate this year ? Wolves in sheeps clothing ?

Did you say We care or Weak care ? Since when does the government really care? Does it really care when it creates 10 departments to do the same or similar jobs ( duplication is the normal result of that much  nicer PC correct word "restructure" )
I , as a professional risk asessment person would probably vote for a party that banned government advertising, but  especially those dumb and dull repeats  of ads with any hint of "we really Care" in them

Many of the 170 who died in bushfires in February 2009 in Victoria died because the risk information provided to them was crap. Some of us , who used to be employed in that risk asessment system , have been telling both sides of politics that the advisory system on risk had turned soft - years and years before !

Care is best left to people .Competent people .  And not lots of people trying to do the same job .

The weakcare ads  may win a few votes in the short term , but in the long term there is,  not only all the mute buttons ON ,  but a real strong smell when the party in power raises the issue of " how much they care " .

Governments don't care - people care !  Polys - maybe you haven't got enough people who really care left -- those who care enough to speak up may have already left ? Did you hear J.R. Saul talk about monkeys on qanda last night. My take on his story  is not your rear end you need to worry about but those all around you who sit too comfortably on theirs.
There are wolves out there .........still . More than you think .  They are wise and clever ,dressing up and saying all the right things!

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