Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Outta here

RE : The biggest coronial enquiry in Australia's history - deaths from a bushfire 2009
12 mths after it comes out :The chief commisioner  wasn't around when it mattered - A bit symbolic perhaps ?
Also : "The warnings went out ,but they were the wrong warnings"
When to warn,  and what to say are issues not well understood, especially at the top .   Maybe this simple tension is just too complex for some of our wannabes to understand,,, let alone act intelligently on . If you ever advise them, you need to keep it very simple - obfsucation is the name of the game - just ask sir humphrey . 
If they had used their brains our leaders would have INSISTED  on getting people with experience when they take risk management advice . The budget to prevent disasters from happening has been growing - but has the understanding? 

Obviously "Outa there" says it all . All far too complex for the commmitte that is our leadership at the moment ?. . The warnings went out ,but they were the wrong warnings .

Lets make it simple . Make sure you say "outta here NOW" . Time to stop sitting on that word the emerging management team are so afraid of  ; the word " evacuate"   
Read back now how that word  has been forbotten for a whole year .  The symbolism of Labors failure is tragic in the extreme. The politically correct book of Labor words  2009 is full of death defining bullsh .

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