Monday, February 28, 2011

Going around doing good- just like Robin Hood

The people are aghast . Why are they paying so much for water when there is so much now around ?

Queen Julia and Prince Brumby have been justifying taxes because they are going to do so much good with them .

Edmond Burke said "The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention" . The public has not twigged that  her and his men are not poor , and neither are they experienced on the ground ,  but live in cocoons in castles, cultivate courts of  consultancies and empire builders .

Would you trust them to stop spending the windfall taxes on empires?  - they can't even tell the difference with their Robin Hood hoodwink strategy ( copyright eacademy) working so well  , between a resource that's getting scarce ( fuel)  and one that quite renewable ( like water )   sus em here

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