Thursday, December 29, 2011

Permanent Incident Controllers -a mistake

As stated many years ago on blogs like this, the ham fisted reactionary establishment of Departments to deal with emergencies can be a mistake; an expensive diversion from the much lower cost options of Departments of prevention and sound practice; groups who know the stresses BEFORE they kill,  so those people can better manage them when they arrive . IC should be drawn from the ranks of planners and practitioners as required  - not creating their own empires .
 Relatively rare and dispersed risk like bush fire and flood and environmental " hazard" mean the big noise these bashers make (before the moment and place  that something needs dealing with)  is counterproductive .
Unfortunately for Victorians the rightful high place for planning has been subsumed by reactive politics . Paradoxically considering the Libs so called love of less government , The Department of CW has grown under their leadership .Just proves that not all reactionaries come from the left .
Few NOW stop to think when an algal bloom STOPS everything  - well why didn't the Departmnet responsible reduce the risk in the first place .Answer is:  because the government have closed down the department that prevents in favour of the department that names and shames; The Department that suggests emergencies - DSE ; Such Departments are just as likely to name some other departmental or contracted service to " fix the problem "--- all a bit late of course .  The Libs have lost sight of foresight  and created Wolf radio.You heard it first on blogger .

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  1. The failure of the wannebes to see that Bligh's and the commissions focus on the paper strategy for the dam this january is so cold blooded stupid its not funny . Only pedants would think paper not people hold "the answers ".