Thursday, May 5, 2011

We do need to manage greed but do we have the gutsy thinking and acting?

Crying carbon tax ?
With the rich in our world happily thinking they can exploit someone else's food bowl for fuel  ( ethanol) remember what really works hidden inside the cooperating ecosystems inside us and around us (so much more efficient in energy use than we ever will be) But it works  by cooperating, not just competing .

If you don't yet believe in evil ask yourself how many people really care and how many would just find excuses to do what they feel like? To tax others or blame them  Without tough intervention policies , the woosy incentive policies of the modern West will just keep making the rich richer and more easily able to ignore those who have no choice . Cooperation can work.  Competition is costly and can be a killer and a poor benefactor,  but will we just conveniently  acquire more goods and call the problem someone else's? Not here

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  1. So few are prepared to state the truth .So much PC conservation talk is grandstanding not grand planning.