Friday, October 28, 2011

The only real sin is doing nothing

The Queens scriptwriter ,Commonwealth leaders  and our Prime Minister are agreed this week. The thing we must do is move with the times. Move indeed we must or else..... we are dead.  The wolf issue is not about whether to move , but when and where. The Wolf  is cunning and more cunning than us .( there is the truth)

The comfortable crap session that have marked CHOGM so far explains, not only why the wolf has arrived , but why he's likely to keep taking bodies.
Instead of talking to the critical issues of rampant capital markets and woosy weak willed views of governance issues the leader carefully about PC jargon  about safe distant topics or grand schemes to solve the world 's problems with nice words and grand legislative imposts by a group that clearly has never been responsible .eg The UN in Uganda .
If we don't hear an angry word from inside the conference,  The ABC ,the reporters and the conference will have failed . Nice but of nuisance value . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention
Take the bomb which will explode all around them by a media only interested in ratings
Population will reach 7 billion on the 31st  The cynics will give in to popular predjudice ? Will any of the reporters Get a real sustainability expert to talk on sustainability country/country

The  real sin is doing something when its not going to work and no attempt is made to make sure it will .
Our children deserve better than their hopes for a better world to be gobbled up by real wolves

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