Sunday, October 4, 2015

Violence - who started it or who or what is going to stop it ?

People are angry and risk irrationality and the irrational and terrible acts that can follow  . What if all this careless targeting/badging of radicalization should really focus on anger and why its generated in the context. we don't have to know all the words and all the connections.
We need to know though basically why others are angry, otherwise their anger will only make us more angry and irrational too .  In my experience with youth prone to violence ( lot of us) it only takes one careless word from an adult like their parents about a group in our society ( be they teachers, preachers or media personalities) and some kid 's attitude to others can be completely ruined .
Violent words are rightly prosecuted in our legal system the same as violent acts. “ who started it?”
Who amongst us is free from guilt in this respect?   we all disobey the 8th Commandment even if we do it oh so subtly.
 All we can do is talk to the tongue as a fire and ask for forgiveness.  The fire will burn but God comes with forgiveness and the way forward.  The family whose child went wild this week may need such help.

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