Tuesday, May 26, 2015

gods in their own right

Bill Shorten and his crew have got more than a  touch of meglomania . They are desperate . NEXT week  they want us to change marriage .  That place where 2 components make three components; and more; all competing and yet somehow called to work together . Chances are these myopic students will forget to mention children as Bill Shorten did this morning as he spoke of how HE thought something should happen . Maybe he thinks He's in the Senate where they expect to get their own way,,,, or else .
Religion can be ignored in favor of progressive thinking -SO  he seems to think , meaning we have to presume  that sentiment ( dissolving distinctions and definitions so that gays and aborigines feel better about themselves--- historic change in language just for them is truly " generous"  ) is the stuff of greatness in moral progress.( well if it works it might even be worth thinking about - we mostly know name changing WILL not work .  Most blokes from the bar up know these woosy sorts  need to grow up cause giving in to hard done by complaints is the road to softness of the brain .
Susan Neiman in her excellent book on Evil in modern Thought reminds us that religion AND political activity BEGIN where reason is missing .So whatever reasons CLINCH the deal for Labor they will NOT be enough .

Find all the reason ss you like in the 5 minutes Bill shorten  will insist to run his debate - none of them will justify HIM and Tanya for forgetting to mention the children . Unintended consequences . 

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  1. No coincidence that Senator Wong and Adam Goodes are in the news this week( end of July) . Both cases of trying to identify the bad guy amongst all the unpleasant noise . Our parents, if they were around who encourage us to grin and bear it -- grow up .Some in leadersheep try to play the race / group card when they are trying to stop others who often are playing the individual players card . Both seem to believe that its the group ID that's the issue when most Aussies do show some sense . I don't condone for a moment some of the really terrible abuse some people cop regularly for no reason of their own ( looks perhaps?) . You can under our system prosecute individuals but most of us ignore those who project a poor opinion of themselves and get on with playing the game to win - without revenge, back biting - this is the way of forgiveness , maturity resilience and really moving on - yes it can hurt but get over it . we ALL get our own version of it -- the wolf pack near home .. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I