Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Moral Compass or Moral Confusion

We all like to present solutions to others problems . Noone takes that more seriously now than- the reactionaries in government and the ABC. All  thanks to the inevitable failure of reactionary politics over the last 100 years,  
The Fabians have only the government to back their ideas .Noone else wants to put their money forward. Their tired old doctrines of "freedom for all"," pull it down" "it will all adapt and survive" : have no life of their own outside  biology ( unless you the reader want us to be limited to the animal in us ?)
Infact the downright condemnation of man ( He s not only an animal , he's determined by his genes and behaviur =subject to condemnation ) which they imply,  leaves only one alternative - governments must be good --( get a job with them and they will convert you/bless you? ?)Congratulations authors of "Utopia"!
If they aren't able to provide redemption all our hopes for the future are dashed and we would have to admit depression and defeat - the failure of the God of wise Progress.
No where is this symbolized better than  in the name changing , the name calling and the judging 
So deep is the confusion about what sin is and what intent means that even Luke Hodge is confused about what he is guilty of TODAY . he hurt somebody - doesn't seem to matter that he didn't mean to. He apologized , but we or he don't seem to know what for . If we can't play a game of football and judge it fairly,  what hope  have we in real life ?
Yes he hit someone,  but some other bloke who got $50 million to do the same in a ring - judging motivation is for you and God or it used to be .Some people even look good when they mean evil . Thats of course too deep for those linked into evidence based drips .  Progress (WGP ) may now mean It is NOW possible for man - gospel of progress has a way of legitimizing TODAY - if nothing else
This confusion  ( to judge others minds and bodies)-can't last without putting us all in jail -No new redemption now works in the West anymore .

Penecost thankfully is coming.   

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