Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jumping at shadows

When the Wolf wins

We have either lost sight of what makes a wolf tick,  or we lack the ticker to fight him .
The latter is the real issue of our day . 
We have teeth,  but it seems to me , we are now as post moderns afraid to use them .
No I'm not saying we are predators par excellence . No we have something better - we have a brain to overide our impulses ."But the right to use our brain has been taken away - we must think naturally like our genes do .
We used to use our brains . We would say to ourselves " lead us out of temptation " That was written before we knew we started feeling that were controlled by genes and drugs. Thanks media

That was until some smart group of simpletons  said we are controlled by our genes .
Men are the worst --each 15  minutes they are brutally struck down with testosterone - something they are no longer encouraged to show self control over ..   the god within
This , if you believe it as so many half do , effectively means we are stuck . Look at us --stunned mullets in face of 21 Cops being beheaded.

Adrenalin can flow day after day and we do nothing but not sleep  .Our brains are overloaded with confusing messages from hypothalamus the TV and our aching knees .
We can inject serotonin but when why and to what effect/ .Its not natural so why try ?
With drip feeding from the determinists we end up thinking desperately on our feet and out in the street ( what ever happened to the brain and the talk of the insane of evil within ?) -
Like some lost souls we are left in the street asking the question we never asked in our heads  --how do we  control behavior ; or should I say others behavior . We're either on Valium shaking in the locked house or out there trying to kiss wolves.

This week our Parliament is being encouraged to lock up the wolves - anyone who says something nice about ISIS. and we call them fanatics when our moves are just as fanatical ( Santayana) . The problem maybe just as much ours and our medias as it is theirs . ( we refuse to admit what our psychologists know)

The author of the above said even if you oust one demon , nine will come into replace it . The Islamists are right . the only way to win this war is with the words first . A fair fight with words would at least show them we are not the wooses they see us as  . The wind has been carrying the words of war for centuries;  The extremists are no stronger than they were ten years ago - they can just see our unplugged woosy weaknesses so much better . A tough country has a tough mindset and we are running on a weak set that sees only barriers as safety .

Target the problem and you have some chance of solving the problem .Remove the status of the texts and you remove the impetus .

 In our law ,verbal assault is similiar to physical assault because one is often a precursor to the other . Woosy leaders everywhere who do not understand or operate in a proactive manner.



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  2. I thought Tony Abbott was wrong this week to advocate not allowing people accused of fighting in a war back into our country , It seems to show not only that we don't know what to do to stop young people going ( true at a political level ) but that we think evil is in the person , not the idea . To miss the last point is to put the cart before the horse, miss the concept of redemption and remain totally behind the game in the war on terror. The West has lost its way because it doesn't seek to teach kids right and wrong; Our wonderful idealistic children are attracted to people who do.