Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whose afraid of death?

Everybody fears death ---because we have reason to fear and because we are made in the image of God ( which means we know we are guilty)  -  Some of the evidence is guilt itself ,  the excuses we make for our own behavior;  the shallow substance of anything good in us ;  The wonder of something good that is beyond us..........add more

One of Helen Garner's helpful comments of her life and experience ( featuring the man who murdered his three sons at Winchelsea on ABC Book club last night )  was her revelation that we sometimes don't know what we are rebelling against.  we neither tell ourselves or heed the few  who are honest about the nature of this fear . 

We are often  mistaken about who the enemy is: we  maybe individually our own worst enemy; and not much help to others . 
  We are even a hindrance to men and women in great need because we haven't faced our our real needs -Ourselves being mirrored back to us by face of others  --"Takes one to know one" as we say here 

We  need to confront these things
  1. Knowledge of our own great potential for evil 
  2. The pathetic nature of our care for others
  3. The way we carry around a burden of guilt and fear and project the nature of that burden onto others 
We have reason to fear our own  death and the true judgement of our lives .

Without , I hope,  being too smart , let me offer you my own reflections  on the way into and beyond this very dark place.
  • That, however good we or our friends are or have been,  we have failed to live up to the potential we have been given . We have done wrong. we think wrong, and still do
  • That ours is an unweeded garden just as any other
  • We deserve nothing but our Creators rejection
  •  The fear of that rejection  maybe stopping us from doing the one needful thing - the moving on from here - facing the reality of our own deep sinfulness.
So , our only hope is to cling to Him who offers the only real place of rest and renewal  from these realities .   ( Its all in the prayer book )

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  1. Hi, I am from Melbourne.
    Please find two related references which point out (and explain why) the necessary key to right life is in the Understanding of death - until such occurs everything that we do is darkened by a hell-deep fear-and-trembling