Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What good can a good pedant DO ?

 Human nature is pretty scary.  'The wolf can , not only be a pedant, but that pedant can be up there at the top of the tree ".  It is said with some truth that .... If you can't DO... you teach and if you can't teach, .. you preach , if you can't preach ( and don't know HOW to DO things to test your grasp of the big picture ) you risk becoming a pedant . I used to say that  if you can't be a good lawyer ,you may be able to continue your profession and become a professional pedant correcting and controlling word traffic at the ABC.  I'm inclined , after seeing UTOPIA , to  not generalize so wildly. Some of the real reporters in the ABC  do a great job as RN , Utopia, Kath, Blake and Mother &Son 2 name just a few shows    
Sitch and Co in  UTOPIA ABCTV have proven, quite perfectly ,that not only can you be a pedant at the ABC, but you can be a very productive and professional one - make em eat their words son!   While Sitch makes mince meat of the simple  nonsense that flows from above  there is some hope for this country ;Our leaders have adopted the dumb making idol of positivism ( find your own word )  and they don't even know it . The new religion,  while rejecting the old for ITS apparent unreasonability (A quite logical observation about Christianity )is itself , quite clearly  unreasonable .You don't wanna hear the other side of the story. Progressives want only one kind of reason to rule - the positive stuff  . How did we get to agree to performance bull like that so well portrayed in Utopia  and get led by those leaders who cultivate crap. Its a world where  negative reasoning (which often avoids culdesacs by highlighting choice and 'other possibilities" the bad new s before the good news  ) is rejected because its " you are not being positive" .  We may ,as applied practical scientists. have  lost our jobs to the meeters and greeters , one siders ,name-callers, pregressives and worry warriors,  but at least when we go home from the battle, and  know we are not alone . 
I wish it wasn't so because the wonder of the program is that it shows how hard it can be for people who want to do the job and challenge the limits of public and private benefit and the boundaries between and beyond the machine ,  the natural and the ultimately the beautiful image , 
Its a tragedy of our modern education and training system that graduates in environmental engineering never get to cut it where it counts because of the name calling and second rate science produced on the good name of conservation and environment.( some biology degrees are just not enough or  appropriate)  If you don't love physics and chemistry ( the basis of how it works ; not biology which is descriptive )you can't sell it to the "thems that do "audience -   .People who can't cope  with more than one equation at a time will be for ever meeting ( 1st edition Utopia was real) , moving on ( not making decisions or quickfizzers of ones ) and making the audience do the same.  The pedants comfort zone 

Hope the polys watching realize that they must resist the cultivation of more bird nests for these flighty birds and forest feeding animals.These people who occupy chairs but who will soon be on their own.( the image) You see faith in the new too is unreasonable as Whitehead tried to point out long time ago . Why don't you run a test on all the research you are now funding Mr Hockey / Mr Robb?  That would be more prophetic than the reactive productivity commission.  Reform the system .Reform the ABC  Aim high . Employ people who study the basic science and know how things actually work.  Don't let those who think they know the names of the problem try and solve them ( the species list is more than symbolic - its a book that closes doors instead of opening them)  such name calling is quick and short and appelaing but not whats needed to run a clever country . Start believing again in the public service because  the private driver pedant is killing the cultivation of the image of what a good public outcome looks like ( bigger picture than private and somewhere beyond the flat ( concrete ) and the basic ). 

Only by training people properly in house can WE hold a proper public -private debate and restore young people to the jobs that helped make planning work and AGAIN give them a job  building one the most livable cities and places in the world

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