Sunday, October 18, 2015

Young people's vulnerability to radicalization in the West

Comes from the Wests own deep weakness and confusion in moral teaching .
Its not going to work to just "blame those who havva religion " Jung et al said we all have one so whose in denial? Kids want something more than whats being offered by the empty religion of "everything will work out if you do your own thing philosophy";  that is unaccountable godless selfcentredness".unsustainable eating theory.  Material world - where you can have everything, but eventually you us others  will find a huge hole in the centre.
Instead of taking our historical lead from Yahweh  that its OK to be angry,  we are in denial of it . Ideas have consequences and we are getting the consequences of crap ideas of convenience .Not dealing heathily with anger and frustration ( empty donuts) can lead to depression
Instead of potent Christianity we have turned its punchy practicality into woosy wobbling on moral matters.Its only taken a few short years for our kids to be not educated and innoculated ( how to think) in the great medicine of health and freedom that was the Wests for thousands of years before .

Anger cannot be a sin by definition because it comes forward as a natural response from being threatened . Adrenalin and all that . Social Darwinist s, morass relativists and sentimental post moderns  ( who only  think they are progessive Christians?)  are living in denial - both scientific and scriptural .
How can this be ? --we re all so rational here . Sorry but we are not as progressive as we like to think We like to think we use rationality here like it was bread  ( as we do with science)  .-- No that's fiction  when it comes to us / we/ them . We are really like Eve and Adam and are into naming causes other than ourselves ( Jung)
 We are blind to what we don't wanna see . Our houses of cards are full of strong single focused persons who we give permission to eat up us with our own pure and simple logic about sel and self interest . We become men weakened by their own pedantry and self willed compromises and confusion over what is really true . The truth can still set us free,  but only if we face it. .There is no ultimate power but the power we create -----or is there ?.We will find out one day .

There should not be any doubt about this new heretical teaching as Yahweh tries to talk to Cain about his anger lest he sin and kill somebody .

The God of the Bible is not on the sidelines,  he's just not being heard . People see but do not see,  hear but do not hear . Tell that in confession to your mother, or your partner sometime . Its the sort of metanoia, catharsis and tipping point  that might just prevent us going back to prison instead of the greater freedom we have had in kingdom theory for the last few thousand years . Luke 13 Be happy -think clearly and act succintly before the sun goes down . PM Turnbull is wrong to offer more endless experimentation --not a mugs game but its wasteful toy in the arcade where dumb wannabes wanna play.

Prison you say ? Well the daughters of Eve and Adam are telling us -- you don't protect us anymore . You allow us to roam the streets and commit active rebellion as if it were our God given right -- good for us like never growing up has been good for you? >You are the stupid ones ,,not us . You are the softies,  not us . We want what you had -families  fidelity and honor .   You never taught us any of that really . We would be happy just to have a better framework for marriage and the other than you offer . Islam does that .

Don't focus on the guns.  That would be to remind us how superficial unsubstantial and reactionary you are . Go listen to our hearts - they are yearning burning not to be grown up babies  like you are with your wars on everything 

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