Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Emergency broadcaster ABC is leading the cry wolf brigade

ABC breakfast presenters this morning, after announcing the longest hottest period for Adelaide in recorded history, proceed to take us on tour back to Japan, Paris and the  big worries about asbestos in Sydney . This extra stuff afters is clearly not news, but they ae making it so  -- and clearly designed to reinforce the panic in the ABC about the warmth outside the cloisters.... and the coolness of the breeze in their panic station direction.
.This extra hype is not news .They know that the public are a bit manipulatable which is not wrong until you practice it in your profession  Does the cap fit anyone you know/?  Mark Scott?  .  The  risks in Fukushima  and roofs in Sydney can be well managed  in the proper context of risk but the whole focus of the news is again around worry.  Listeners to ABC news 24 are switching off and feeling tired and depressed .

The well powered pilots of panic  continue to grow in numbers  because  the government still funds them to go find the facts ( they want) So important is this long and bigwinded thing that they get to do Bronwyn Bishop things and play helicopter parent all over the world .And the business of drip feed emergency services loves it too; Codependancy its called .
The ABC in their absolute ignorance of environmental risk management have appointed their very own worry warriors.Not scientists but pedants who know their exalted place.  WHY in the world don't they appoint more real world scientists as reporters?? --- if they love science so much ??maybe they just say that ?
, Even though the emergency agencies play up to this dramatization of risk , this sort of news and commentary will not work  because it shows no distinction between known and unknown People  die . .Like the  artist allowed still to paint freely at the ABC  the art exaggerates . Infact it seems , as you would expect of a new loose cannon in the building, it encourages the reporters to play along in a manner which clearly threatens the ABC's reputation as reporters not political activists .They go and find no wolf  , despite all the huge monitoring .  Short term gain long term pain for our once highly regarded ABC . ABC top management  clearly do not get it --unless they are just puppets - In Utopia these little risk management hitlers and worry warriors regularly make the CEO's job impossible . The ABC's  very own fact checking  too ignores the fact that even experts disagree about the implications of mere facts when risk is involved -- that's exactly what the small staff waste their time on in Utopia .
Who does the ABC think they are - immune from whats stuffing things up in the real world.  artists NOT scientists . Is that why Karl wears bright shirts? He knows something we don't ??
Victoria in the 1990's realised that creating emergency focus was not a good idea as prevention and site focus should always be the prime preoccupation of government .We can't afford the other even if business would love us to adopt it .Kennett may have been a pushover , but look at all the lame ducks who followed .
Modern libs get lost in anything beyond a push pull formulae for fixing problems ; and their mates make it even easier -" just open the tap and let US fix it ". they say  Its popular because its avoidance therapy and  a way to grow jobs - jobs on the public pay packet ; jobs not in prevention , but picking up the pieces. too easy although writing the specs for a job can take forever - the risk is usually long gone .
Suits the provider culture too who desperately need to see growth in problems - makes you wonder whether the conspiracy and cockup includes the need to create dependency; anything but that poorly fact checked substance called resilience.

From a resilience paper I wrote in 2010

The city worries about sustainability because, within the confines of its two column ledger world, it would have nothing within a few days of supply failure.
The educational paradigm restrictions of the city makes the majority of modern urban cultures very vulnerable to fear and fanaticism on environmental issues. Parties exploit or play victim to this ignorance .
 The country, on the other hand, is not in such a panic  for it has something the city never has-- experience with how to fit the pieces of the real risk and resilience jigsaw together and not worry nearly so much and only where it really matters . .

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