Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh so powerful but oh oh so vulnerable

Both the ABC and the leader of The Project are in a panic . Despite being controllers of information,they are at a loss to work out why they can't control how people think . Santayana described their condition well - a bit fanatical .
Their focus  at the moment is on climate change and,  showing how deep the desperation goes we see  President Obama joining the chorus in his state of the Nation speech . What higher authority can they get ?   How long can the puffing last?

How come too,  the people are vulnerable to a child - someone who just asks difficult questions of the powerful . One who constantly ignores the PC and the ministrations of the maths office.  Someone like Andrew Bolt . It was once considered a great talent to keep asking questions of the powerful - why don't more people do it? . Why are more people doing it ? ( fact- they are )
 I  don't  go on about wondering why  - I know why or identify which bits  .
Incomplete presentations 
Some would say many don't want to change our use of energy - a fact . But  its not about the facts, but about the key facts presented .  When have you heard the wannabes  talk about dirty petrol like they chatter on about dirty coal;  Not credible with the facts, Not even  high school level logic is applied to the problem ID and solving .

The deeper point is that as FB media and others become more powerful,  we need more than ever a system that can question the doctrines and "key facts " effectively.  The media doesn't allow that to happen very easily because "the audience" do not have time to study things properly . The people are hungry for answers and the hounds of the media haven are ready and willing to howl  for them."Where is the wolf now and why haven't you him on CCV constantly?-- killed him?  ".

We have until recently respected those who study to show themselves approved and told our children to "mind there own business"in complex maths questions   Maybe in the info age with armchairs full of screens we need to do  more of it . I'm switching off both the ABC  and the PROJECT and its because I don't really trust the product .The simple equations presented are too simple .

We all know lots about very little and the ambition to know is fine , The wannabes don't know what they think they know and they don't practice good science  --we need some other way to know -not 10 minutes of  selected "key"facts  in an hours programming and an evenings commentary on their choice of those facts.
We don't need to be lectured about "how sharp and dangerous the wolfs teeth are" -getting the wind up !
Whose kidding who - most of the program is often about "selling"something YOU want us to buy anyway - who are we but vulnerable  like the audience in "The Entertainer "-" already dead" .If the ABC want a future they have to do things differently from other media .It may not be always popular to say certain things.

The facts don't speak for themselves - they just confuse the onlookers who should , if they think , be wanting to hear from the watchmen- those who are not confused by mere correlation  but who integrate equations  to produce " key facts "  "Fact checking" isn't productive  unless you can integrate the maths involved , ABC are lucky to have practical scientists, let alone good mathematicians.
We can't all be watchmen over every issue so why do same old commentators including dumb polys  preach . We are not as much short of resources as key facts to integrate and plan those resources . Its not just information we need but Key facts ,Key scientists on the ground would help,  but the trend is not to hear them. just  those who present nice simple equations and answer the select questions and shut up afterwards , Important. facts like" the wolf could be there"are made but little knowledge is conveyed  ! How much news is presented differently to keep us entertained but not informed or challenged.

The heavenly hosts must wonder , not at our determination to know,  but our failure to know and to find out when we don't.

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  1. They don't know what they don't know. What they do know most people know, which explains their popularity but not their arrogance in pretending to teach us lots in 30 minutes