Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Governments are not working - even conservation has a handout mentality

Most of the growing budget in handouts for conservation purposes is not only unsustainable, its not right.  Our taxes badly used.Its popular but that doesn't make it right . 
This big budget should be going to provide jobs for our young people in helping better manage and plan land water and plant use. Instead of that its being eaten up in tokenistic grants and advice and action that's not only skin deep but also often not appropriate in the site. Sound conservation is place driven not name driven ,,,,like the technological tokens below 
Take the current inducements - bulbs, panels and insulation ---they  cost the earth but every one loves em so they stay . 
We as a culture will be judged as overly self focused rich token generation conservationists who pay ourselves for being good.  or thinking we are doing good 

Everybody is going to church singing the right choruses about what they put in the plate ,but ignoring the big real world problems outside .
We can sing psalms about the end of coal without realizing that the little bits above will do nothing to get us toast in the morning .

And while we bask in the glow of our righteousness Peter Garrett at least knows that the hills are still burning - enough to send us broke

The low view of human nature inherent in the market driven mindset means you may have to pay him to be good . The unsustainability of that idea , let alone its implications in bigger government transfers and nannyism is enough to send those who don't adopt the prison view .....to the nuthouse  or to vote TRUMP --i truly hope NOT 

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