Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jugding on appearances only

Instead of using his considerable intelligence to make helpful comments,  the opposition's spokesman  on Agriculture (JoelF ) and his colleagues drum up a storm by suggesting the busy incumbents are not doing enough . Too easy.

The very low price offered to some dairy farmers in Murray Goulburn and Fonterra this month is of grave concern to all those who follow the plight of farmers closely.
Barnaby Joyce is now one of very few whose considered approach shows that he , unlike Joel ,  knows that helping keep them stay resilient is one of the largest challenges any country can face . Barnaby  is engaged every day with its complexity.

Fitzibbon , like Ludwig , will be welcomed on very few farms for his carelessness .

Yet that resilient style of the incumbents doesn't stop the unengaged carrying on with quickfix solutions when it suits them - all in the grand old name of best intention( - which wise men know must ALWAYS  be checked for its sus elements)
I remember at University  some of the best minds would argue about how best to help Agriculture with its strange supply and demand curves .

Our Professor Lloyd and the Gruens ( Melbourne Uni) stood tall .
The taller economics building nearby housed smaller professors whose  fixed margins , planning and profit curves practice would bore any of us to tears . Where are those blokes now when you need them? We are not as clever as we think because the complexities of production and people  economic in the  real world don't seem to interest the parties.    
Maybe we should move the seat of governance up the hill to Parkville and keep the old noisy one a sa relic .The parties are behaving like  the move from democracy to Aristocarcy makes sense - oh dear !

 Its tough for anyone who wants to talk the real complexities of ecomia - who resists the modern theories of the gods of globalization and pure efficiency as the wine of heaven .  As far as i can see Barnaby Joyce  is on his own against a sea of free marketeers-- well heeled marketeers on the drip feed even ! . Heaven help us

I say if anyone says again " farmers need to be more efficient " i say rubbish careless talk . They  care more than the city does for their country and they have to bear the dangerous and unnecessary tension created simply by the silly insistence of mere efficiency .( threatens resilience building)  .

 At least our children haven't followed this false faith and started paying more  for eggs and milk.

So before YOU open Your mouth

Ask yourself if you and many on the armchair bench aren't part of the problem 

Read Telecom 2000 report and .Experts in 1975 described some of what is now common in the media as a very serious mental illness .

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