Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Governments are not working - Victimhood is on the nose

TRUMP  may not be thinking ( ie pedantically -the progressives problem) , but he knows what the people are thinking .( metaphorically - the big picture persons frame )   Its not working

Those in current power ( the progressives) who 'think" that progress is about following the market and running the country on the shallow virtues of mere sentiment  are in for a shock - a reality check is coming for them .
The political philosophy of the left ( and even some of the new right) has always been reactionary. Even though, on the surface its changed,  its morphed from marxism attacking greed to poor me hiding behind greed  . So the impression that the progressives are " moving on , may just be an impression ' There is not much change in reality. If we are to seek full picture we must face the fact that the lefts picture of heaven on earth involves like the old - A father figure . A generous governor .
The left love to call it  "moving on" , but whose kidding who ?   Where is the Big picture?

The progressives think their ideal is  "evolutionary " but evolutionary  doesn't carry mean we all get carried off to heaven . The real biological process has limits but even natural selection has a warning  to all who make it god ( it produces and explains everything.  evolution , in such a use is clearly a faith,
You can't have a "moving on "philosophy without the risk that some unworthy edifices built by natural selection of the components will become extinct because they are naturally very weak .

In other words not everything works even under the influence of natural selection  

If plagiarists and children were only to admit they picked up gems and called them their own we might have metanoia , instead of paranoia. Fully baked and working not half baked and in the dust bin of so many incomplete views of what evolution means for society ( Hitler Stalin Polpot all used the idea still so popular to advance the case for the " strong over the weak " .

Can we afford another experiment based on the philosophy of evolution, the religion of evolution as the creator , the deterministic strictures of evolution as God  ( cf reality of evolution in adaption)  Clearly not , In One hundred years its caused a holocaust of unsustainable attempts at making like better for noone . Even allowing for the fact that its been the excuse for tyrants to run their own power games no one should forget how they retained that power ( power of ideas )

Final failure  is what happens and is demonstrated to happen throughout history with idealism that doesn't work ,
Which is it boys ?

Having  to eat their own words that 'morality is bunk ',  the progressives  can't NOW face the fact that their political philosophy is downright depressing shallow and patronising  . So many in power and "in church "are not thinking because their political philosophy doesn't allow them to think.

Many are stuck as deterministic materialists   YES they have adopted some "virtues " Not deep enough though to cut any deeper than scratching. Deep enough in their own myopia to make a splash in their  own little birdbaths  .But there is no future in crap, even if you currently hold power .esp COSTLY unsustainable crap 

If you want some freedom from this intellectual gaol ( which relies on taxation and drip feed )  don't vote for TRUMP , and those who chase the popular,  or desperate measures .

 Follow someone who just tells the truth .  
The truth will set you free
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  1. Not sure that all this focus on Duncan or even Kelly is going to help us .
    The problem is the audience as Telecom 2000 report shows - we care more about someone on screen than the bloke next door . Our care turns to insistence that the govt MUST do something about it . -too easy and as that report says "maladaptive". Think pictures of Indonesians killing animals if you need convincing of the risk of this decisions making process being illconceived .

    How should ABC operate in this environment? Surely not gloat that popular opinion makes sense on such emotionally driven occasions .
    Whats troubling is that so much energy can be generated so easily to give government money to people who front up with an "i'm poor" case . If we don't ground truth this we will go broke!
    The left use this lack or real accountability to shore up their dwindling ability to operate a credible form of government . Watch the US

  2. Its not about "the liberals relentless war against the poor ", Its bigger than that . What a poor excuse for an argument are calls for class warfare in Australia !
    Its also in good measure the working poor s war against the lefties in the media and in government and taxpayer funded institutions who refuse to put responsibility for actions on all their poor victims agendas, Those in powerful positions who advocate the drip feed for everyone as a solution for everything . Watch the US indeed . No better study the USA elections

  3. For students of the subject here is telecom 2000 report published in 1975

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