Thursday, May 17, 2018

Many Greens are allowing wolves to kill

Its all very well to love animals . We all should .But loving means doing hard things to avoid real damage , excessive cruelty, pain and death . 

We should make decisions to prevent cruelty to animals . The severity of our emotions on this matter is  severe enough to cause us to stall . Yet we are called sometimes  to intervene near the end of life .
I am sure the Greens get the simple bit about no cruelty- we all do . Trouble is they go no further with the deeper and most difficult  business of how . They simply don't think deeply about  nature in the raw - the real world they so claim to love . Love is a lie if it's blind : to starvation ,pain injury and death especially in the newly loved wild places   Living with animals is hard , esp when dealing with death injury, sickness and the risk of them To be good conservationists we must complete the cycle ; complete the picture : deal with death; deal with risk and prevent pain when we can .   

Many Greens are  pretending to be worried about the suffering of well fed sheep on a cruise   when thousands of kangaroos are dying of starvation in our outback -- right now --this is just plain hypocrisy and a failure to weigh up the facts in each case . 

(Why has NSW taken so long to allow the thousands of starving kangaroos to be shot ---- Spring 2018 - edited Oct 2018)
The Greens are in denial about death and the big picture . If you are going to love nature to death you have to accept tooth and claw.
Their heavenly minded blinkeredness seems to make them attractive to many who like one side of the story but not the other - they want to pat the animal ,but not  exercise dominion over it in the real world.
Some young people , thankfully ,  are not fooled by Green labor's heavenly minded stupidity. To care properly is to care about death

Joel Fitzibbon is like the witless Shusalesman and Bill Shorten; unfit for office for identifying himself with the careless call to ban live sheep trade;   To dice what little integrity he has to try and get a few votes.


  1. pleased to see some reports in the press about the governments blinkered blind approach to their sacred no go areas . the starving brumbies and kangas that reside in their forests ( barmah), The changing of laws in NSW to allow people to eat the meat- all more caring than blind nature worship .

  2. Fair comment JM
    Responsibility for management for flora and fauna is almost negligible