Friday, December 22, 2017

Push back and how to do it

Push back
The progressives have finally recognized a problem with their philosophy.
They have no credible means of push back.
 It doesn’t help that they don’t know where the solid ground is to push back from.  Lets face facts : their whole lives they have been anti authoritarian in their attitude. Pushing down barriers
Progressives philosophy has always been that progress is automatic; you don’t have to do anything ; just sit back , do what you like .Life is so much better if you do nothing.
Many progressives are so much at sea that they cannot see that what drives the ship is not an uphill breeze (their faith ) but drivers from all directions. 
Even when they push back against the past,  its because there is something solid in there somewhere (and best to find it so your push back is not too spongy and goes nowhere) ,
If you are going to build a better society,  you have to build on something good from the past .
A few progressives , thankfully, have realised that you can't always have your cake and eat it too . You can't really be a hedonist and still practice marriage.
But such realisations come at great cost to rationalists who want to be truthful- simple rationality is usually too simple rationales for one;s own predjudices.
Others, having discovered for themselves the high risk possibility of totally non-objective mind construct in their very own way with words have trouble constructing anything --- "whatever"

Neither of these, still rare reactionaries, are now no longer fully into education; They are nervous,

 They just want push back of some kind. So, what may look like strength in the  pushy passion of the present is not progress but desperation. The ships at sea; That’s asking HOW and not looking back and seeing the obvious; you ignored a principle that worked . Its most likely its also because you don’t recognize what works ; you have not eyes to see what works.
BB progressives have never been into power until they got it : until they find themselves in the ABC or in politics ; These are  not places where the only effective tool they know is blunt push whether by law ridicule ( eg anything from the past is a solid but dumb doctrine of progressives )or PC logic of the class  .
What a relief pushback at the press of a button. a new law; a program of why men are so badly behaved now that we all know better from our very own experience . .
 It all very well too spending your lives, as many of the purely reactionary types do,   pushing back on the past but there comes a time when such predictable and pervasive  cynicism breeds roots in your  own family and friends .
Even if you still believing in” moving on” and that you indeed moving on,  the testimony from the words and ideals is that you are going backwards and looking backwards .I mean lest face facts you are always using the past to tell your story .  
Nothing more symbolizes this in 2017 than the grab for power from that old institution of marriage.

Baby booming progressives may want push back, but they really don’t know how to get it

The tough preventative answer is, of course, still true; its just not widely accepted because its "old hat".  Loved people don’t get angry, ongoing wilful ignorance of our needs by others makes us angry. Add to the modern list wilful ignorance and arrogance by the media and wannabes makes some people very angry and depressed.  We all need to be understood – not lectured to from the screen. Lay off you lot .
 The progressives have been banging on for so long against what they say is the weaknesses of the Christian position that they can’t see its strengths.
To be a person of faith requires you to  stand your ground and not move ; the ultimate in push back positions .   To be resilient you have to take a punch without flinching and to be resilient you have to know what the disease drives the  fighting- what contention reform and rebuke is all about.  It takes two to tango,  which means self-control and self-assessment are obligatory if you are going to get some real firmness back in your life .
Its not all about them or you but both of you
The best push back turns out to be to be love ,  the light has shined in the darkness but the world has rejected it  .
 If you love someone whose thinking and acting is wrong you push back .

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