Monday, September 11, 2017

Dystopia and how to avoid it

Our children are more aware of the risk that we BB are . How in the world can we take the blinkers off ,
This discussion will be very incomplete for moment If you have questions comments please do below ,
let me give you some of my perspectives
  1. Dystopia is a predictable result of everyone doing what they feel like
    I feel like a mushroom growing under a cloud of overpowering expenditure on children generated by generous public servants and the equally generous sentiments of the public who now say Yes to it all ..Buyin is just too easy !
  2.  Whats wrong with our democracy ?
    And then when push comes to shove I am expected to bruise my brain again with our beloved democracy ( me thinks we love it too much to see its limits)

    How come we are expected to trust our parliament ? . T
    hese "compromise to stay in power " minors and majors making sausages ( Annabel Crabbe on The House )

    Saying No is part of saying Yes .Life and logic is bigger than a few wonderful words like tolerance and equity . When you get home you have decide where each one sits - and when . 

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