Wednesday, August 30, 2017

When we con each other

Nothing is closer to the heart of every man and woman  that his own sense of identity .

Jesus reminds the audience that there is no way to self acceptance other than a certain sort of self love,  If we are honest like the film " Chasing Amy "or "Anesthesia" is , we would face  that fact that humans waste a lot of time and money seeking acceptance from others and in powerful  PC ideals ,  which keep changing.  We pay big to please our unsatisfied egos ,The media are not the only ones to blame - we buy in to the con !

The consequences of our indulgence here should sometimes  be the proper focus of the political process but with the almighty rush of the sales crew in the media , the consequences may not be even considered ., Probabilities are better because the audience now are so easily confused by a mere correlation of the glory club of fact checkers ( there own facts usually.)

Seeking the bread that truly satisfies is the best intention that the biggest con relies on. But , to be conned means you must at first miss that bad intent is hidden behind a good intent statement .

  • What could be a better intro line that -You are doing the right thing  ? ( Luke 10:25)
  • What could be a better way to get a yes than to offer the gift without real cost ; to make it seem real easy !
  • What could be a better way to disguise that we are not willing to do anymore than the hidden excuse that its too hard  ( Luke 10:29) Which other  couple would you like to help today????
  • What could be more guaranteed to clinch the deal  than having the smiling face of the salesman standing there in front of you saying - "its now or never again I am not going away till you decide" . He doesn't act like most bullies,( or does he? )  but there is a stand over element here. 

If the above is true , then it would therefore be no surprise to our thoughtful forefathers ( had enough experience to know ) that we , like them, would find it easy to bolster another persons opinion of themselves if it made us feel better about ourselves .
Either  unredeemed and unaware, we fall for the con because low self acceptance is the default position we often find ourselves in after a normal day at the office

Such is the simple case put by the SSM salesman,   Reject the bigots and change the language so a small group of outsiders don't feel so bad about themselves , We have to change the meaning for the majority and for future generations but that doesn't matter - the dead are not here to counsel us about being conned and thinking we are changing the world by our very own brilliance and generosity-- the foremost of freethinking progressives ,
By changing the language we will no longer have a problem , cultural change the easy way , the way of Marx,  the communist party and the most tyrannical and lazy thinking amongst us

Be strong , say no and tell the salesman to go away.

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