Saturday, January 26, 2013

The States use of fear can be really scary

As a competent practical professional environmental risk assessor and passionate advocate for the rural poor  ( 4 decades of work),  I can't bear to watch how politicians and the press use fear to mistarget real and present dangers in favor of giants with feet of clay whom any fool can slay.( see many of my posts on conservation of water and resources , habitat , fire , flood , food production  )
 I spent 30 great years advising State authorities about how to improve and protect the environment.  The job no longer exists because the politics of environment is now the politics of fear. The job no longer exists because the practice of properly warning people with science and risk analysis  is now clearly secondary to  the politics of fear.
I therefore have a problem with both the sheep and the current  shepherds.  
 So what's in store for this year for the sheep - another trumped up issue that we can solve ( or that disappears into the ether before the next election )  another wolf in sheep's clothing , a mere man fighting ghosts.
Readers should know that politicians like nothing better than a problem they can solve - and if it turns out not to be a problem in the first place , all the better , for them .
The West is often vainly worried about something in its own backyard,  when it should be out amongst the sheep in the Middle east or in Africa solving problems that tax our minds , but not our fears.   

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  1. We no longer have to feel greatly threatened by our use of sheep and goats . Why is that ? because we don't put so much pressure on the land.
    Why do young people in countries where the key pressure to survive is the grazing animal and agriculture still take up guns, sell them and make their llifebllod war . Do we really care to help them find the resilience that comes from sound footprints on land .