Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hyping up general fear and ignoring present danger .

I often wish we could sue politicians and the media for hyping up general fear and ignoring present danger .
These desperate to make news dummies create  wasted effort on a grand scale by forcing private consultants ( scientists and engineers ) to back lowered building standards for high risk areas - ( Think --recent building collapse or flood damage )

In our day this should not happen anywhere in the world , but its now a common and growing thing for people with money to employ a good consultant to say how wonderful HIS/ HER new development is . " I just bought a cheap bargain block on a steep hillside or on a floodplain" .
The Right should get a big kick for their stupid support of all things private in this. There is such a thing as public interest and the Right no longer seem to know where to find it . 

Public servants dedicated to prevention and prediction roles can greatly reduce this growing disaster area.  I  know because I have been there and done that  

You heard it first on 24th October 2012 from Emperor's Academy - horse for courses . 

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  1. In 1981, I moved to Jackson, Mississippi where during the previous year (I think I have the years right) the Pearl River had flooded large areas that actually went beyond the flood plain. By 1988 when I left, new subdivisions were being developed literally on the banks of the river and adjacent to houses that were located on stilts well above the ground level where the new development was going. I could not imagine what would have possessed someone to buy a house in that area or a developer to build there. Although Pearl River flooding was not exceptionally common, there was no reason to believe that circumstances had changed at all.