Thursday, May 10, 2012

His name is not Entitlement

Some politicians have recent'y caught onto the idea that the danger is all in entitlement imperatives . The neo liberals need to be clear about the sound basis for this position before they pull it down and erect some soft centred wishy washy rubbish of their own . I will be the first to say rebuild;  but rebuild without the weak mortar or marxism, humanism or that absolute blinder - the faith that 's what just around the corner will be better.

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  1. Enjoyed Schamas treatment of the 2 Winstons (15/15) BUT NOT his blunt pokings at Gladstone and others (10/15) The cutting efficiency effect ( power to the people) of new found faith reformers acted as a break on wasted effort on the human condition. Good intention is largely a dangerous disease in the hands of mere bureaucrats, as it is clearly NOW .The way faithfilled men including Whigs pushed the right balance between freedom and coercion should be the proper study of the BBC. Noone is perfect and for Schama to make films focusing on specks is to put log jams in the viewing area when much needed clear revolutionary reforms of the lumbering logomachy of governments is needed to carry democracy and free speech into the future .