Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evolve or Die is the cry of the listless

Such is the cry of the truly desperate .Those who cannot argue -preach .Those failing to addreess the last question rationally  use the words and phrases "move on"  or "let's progress" because their ultimate faith is not in their own logic but what's around the corner .Their faith in progress, in keeping moving and in some esoteric faith in evolution . This sort of evolution advocacy has now the status of a god .the road ahead god . Such faith is not testable because it can only be proved by change itself . All such advocates have to do is talk about something new being better.
Pleased to hear a prominent ABC discussion leader today resist the attempt to conclude a discussion on that religious note in their attempt to justify changing history and word meanings - "the language is evolving" and the ultimate inference of arrogance " we are leading that evolutionary move ".Attractive but only while the road ahead has some corners that they can't see around .

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