Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Name calling religions is not helping

Some of our Australian leaders have been making basic errors of logic in saying that its only radical forms of religion that are the ones at issue. This cannot be so. Mother Teresa is a radical Christian, just as Francis of Assisi was.
Most Christians would warmly accept the above persons as Christians. What happened to Jesus politically and what he said, testify that he was an earthshaking radical.

To a generation of Westerners who largely denied the power of religion (their own parents faith), this real power of religion comes as surprise. No matter- reactionaries abound but who is sound ?I assert its the sustainable reliable and predictable nature of the Christian constitution that can and should now form a focus of confidence as it has done right through the centuries. You don’t have to agree with it to accept these realities about it.( as TS Eliot says below) At least we know from thousands of years of history what a believer is expected to do to conform and not be punished or excluded.

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