Thursday, January 2, 2014

You prove nothing with stats

Some creationists make the mistake of trying to prove things , but so do some religiuos determinists . Science does help grow a level of certainty , but it doesn't always do what we want it to - provide a direction .There is then,  maybe,  a place for both, but only if they inform each other and produce sound results .
How do you tell a faith that's reasonable? - if it seems to works reasonably well? .Life is testable even if too much talk and statistical is totally distracting ; Perhaps even driving us to drink .A faith that informs your decsionmaking builds confidence and avoids obliteration of thinking.( The causes of getting drunk)

Fanatics forget that we can't see the stars when its cloudy and we are surrounded by clouds and noise  . Whatever created this wonderfilled universe made light go on forever and our noise not . Somehow the noise is limited to our space( until the media took on the task of entertaining/controlling? us )

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