Friday, August 2, 2013

How to prevent people from being broken -don't ask a bookeeper; its only a book entry to them

People who have spend a lot of time on TV and the media and in Public life,( was good to see a health care person on thedrum tonight) often don't get the reality check that their stupid ignorant and arrogant advice can cause great personal disaster .

I don't expect they could or should always know or care , but a life in the life of 2 ledgers, or relying on that class,  is a dangerous thing.When you have power you need to know some of the dumb consequences your advice creates - whoever you are.  

When Peter Martin from SMH talks up economic confidence after a huge additional budget deficit announcement today he's only doing what all students of the monster are doing - trying to keep confidence up .
Economists are not God and its madness to even give em a leg up when medicine of the big picture is required-----as wannabes  seem to do when they get desperate.( as if the Federal treasury knows all for eg )
The reality is that the media talk with confidence too much as if they understand or half understand ;  Even great new programs like the drum  discourage bad news and so people with a more negative view are "out there in the cold the blogosphere " who publish more responsively, honestly.

The people who do the most work in our economy ( the reality therapists )often  don't get paid - ask any of us who live for competence in ecomia.

ABC should have a random self select feed running under all its programs - make it hilarious but not so serious and certainly not funny - but more honest and useful sustainable real ABC and with much more competence ( without even trying) . The disturbing thing for those of us who know areas to cut is that the ABC always want to always talk macroeco ( deep 2column stuff) and really that's so course as to be plain crass in a prelude to another "crisis". Bad news is not bedtime reading boys .
The "eco" journos who went on to the drum tonight either know this or don't care that they are spending 30 minutes of our time not speaking to the failures - some bad news that could lead us to better news next time .- not practiced , not understood?
For Peter Martin to call schools program a monument is plain careless and discrediting ( reducing his credibility) to fix himself in stone ( buildingsand programs but not skills )too -so what if every kid gets a university degree : how many are using them? Many in charge don't need a degree.

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