Monday, March 4, 2013

His mate the crocodile

Some would have it that we should model ourselves on this hard nut game player and long term  survivor. That would be , though , to limit ourselves .  Maybe we should learn from the animals, not just be them .  An outsider might suggest we have an identity crisis because we are even thinking like this
My point is though here is that we are more like the herd members than thems that lie in wait .
Only God knows how anyone could love sheep or these cattle - they are so easily led and so stupid.

So what's wrong here ? Clearly its our tendency act like a herd member. Exploring but not heeding the warnings. The paradox  is that we don't know things and we are wise to not trust the herd all the time.   Exploring is good for us,  as is exposure to risk .  We need to know where the boundaries really  are  . The universe is a big place - our job is to wander in places that won't increase our fear and our confusion . How do we gain that sense of comfort to know what the real boundaries are ; to walk around them and between them? .

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  1. Heard our honest playright John Williamson say the herd is a real worry on ABC interview last week .It means,of course, that we can't become non members, but that we have to be more than instinctive and superficial in our discipline of each other Great to have someone like John who has put the mirror up to us all these years!