Saturday, September 5, 2009

Waiting for Paperwork - it's like waiting for godot

A lot was made last week of the missing map- but waiting for the map makers , even on the day , can be a mistake - the detailed map/s from the situation section often take far too long, and require a lot of checking and rechecking with very busy people.
Experienced "controllers" can estimate quickly ( and if directed to so do ), with a sufficient degree of accuracy( knowing nothing is perfect, but a pedantic process commitment may kill ) the where and when , once the source of the fire is known.
Fire controllers must therefore ensure that immediate and repeated warnings are issued on the basis of basic information about source and wind predictions- words ,man words are needed first up . Not maps man maps .

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  1. New technology (Maps and GIS)is not neccesarily better or worse than the old ( words of warning) .
    What is wrong is when new technology stands , as it often does, infront of the old ; obscuring the importance and primary role of what's gone before.