Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An epidemic of fear generated by the wrong people making all the noise

Posted May 27th
Our Wannabes do us a great disservice, at a time of real risk, by talking to us about it-.... in the way they normally do!.

Take Jon Faine and The Premier today- Bad habits coming to the fore boys
Having drummed up fears and responded to them on a regular weekly basis -THEY OWE IT TO US to lay off, and put the experts on the media when the people are worried -as some are.
Whatever the risk turns out to be long term with regard to the Swine Flu SF ,our wannabes do us a disservice at such a risky time by putting themselves on the TV and radio; and then talking roughly and carelessly about it.

The Wolf - in pigs clothing? Where did the SF warning come from and how did our very own medicos respond? Why is our focus so often on what the disunited nations thinks is a problem ? What should be constantly being heard - from the horse's mouth, as it were, is what our experts think .
With all the noise from others- do we really know? . At times of genuine risk we need to hear experienced doctors talking - whether onscreen or at the clinic. Reporters are so used to giving us their impression of what the expert said -that now even our polys do it
The risk - the wannabes have in times past taken more notice of "bigger" authorities than the ones they should have ; like before the first and second world war when countries that should have had a brain , like England, were too afraid to disagree with the UN . There was a wolf in the pack then if ever there was one then and who was talking openly about it? -not a single one of the wannabes ....and why!
The above comparison is only wild if our leaders have talked this through with locals .
The above comparison is only wild if the doctors authority comes clearly forward in these situations. Most of us are still confused about whether taking tamiflu vaccine is neccesary ,wise or what? Should we all book in and get it now? What do drugs do that vaciine won't and vice versa . What level of exposure is sensible ? Is its Ok for most healthy people to be exposed to it ??????(ADQ)
How will our leaders avoid a final showdown with the wolf in this case? - share the microphone at least with the LOCALS and someone ADQ.
Make up your mind you agents of cringe - does Authority come from above or below? Do we run the best Microbiology school in Melbourne Victoria, or not?If so put your faith into action----- rather than your mouths !


  1. The proper way to deal with this is surely to have the chief medical officer appearing on camera - not the minister Roxon.

  2. Where are all those millions of doses of Flu vaccine that Roxon ordered now ?