Friday, February 13, 2009

Adapting for the information Age

Black Saturday Victoria - why the warnings didn't work?
In the information Age - timing,and content must reach above the noise
Quite a bit has been written about manageing the risk (here)and understanding it (here)in relation esp to the Bushfires of 09
The point of this note is to promote the (less well known requirements) for attention in the information age .

We are so busy and have so many distractions .
1.-Interest (We are so busy and have so many distractions )Loudness ( its time for tea children .I said now NOW ) volume has to be well above the background
2.- Choose the time more exactly ( 5 minutes too early is too early )
3.-Use the other senses ( file food under the nose if necessary but that takes your time )touch them or kiss them ( again you don't have time you want the tea to be cooked just on time)

For more serious review post bushfire season : How use Radio better in 1 and 2 - its one of the best means of doing both and the focus from 774 has been better than in last fires where only a few community stations were dedicated . However things could be better;Community stations offer truly dedicated truly local , Radio services are not used specifically well ( Are the ABC building capacity outside ----rather too mush inside? ; whats new with "the other wolfs"???? ) .

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